Sunday, August 13, 2006

Day before the ceasefire

As expected, rockets, Katyusha and missile firing is heavy today.
I've been to the bomb shelter countless times by now and I also lost count of the number of explosions. There are wounded (seriously hurt) in and around my area. More casualties (fatal) in other northern parts.

Will it really be over in 14 hours?

And then what?

Since I think it's quite obvious what I think of Hezbollah and the useless, cry-babies Lebanese leaders, let me also tell you what I think of Israeli leaders (and by far I'm not the only one who thinks so): an impotent, indecisive, good-for-nothing bunch!

(In fact, I've said far worse things, but let's just leave it at that).


jmk said...

Let us pray that this is it. More than just cease fire though, but a beginning to peace and some brains in the heads of our leaders. Sending with love and hopes and prayers,,,,,,,jmk

Edie said...

Hang in there Melly. i hope it comes through better than we expect.