Monday, August 14, 2006

Day of ceasefire - semi normalcy

Early in the morning we had the last siren before the ceasefire and then it took effect.

Homefront Command issued new guidelines for my area, allowing us to leave the house but recommending to stay near them. Still no gatherings are allowed.

I took advantage of today to go shopping with dad, then for a few visits and then a walk with mom. Everybody's still pretty jumpy and I imagined on at least twenty different occasions hearing the beginning of a warning siren; each time my stomach clenched.

The atmosphere is still pretty tense and not many people are outside. Not many cars either. I don't know if that's because half the residents are away or because most are still afraid to leave their homes.

I was supposed to return to Canada today. I've delayed the flight so that I could spend some normal time with my family, not just wacky, nutty days. Still, I might go Katyusha touring tomorrow. See some of the sites. Today I "only" saw a road crater. There's normal for you!

(And if I don't seem overly happy about my often wished ceasefire, it's because I'm too mad at our "leaders" and too distraught by the pessimistic voices "promising" another war in six months to two years from now. How can we prevent that?)


rdl said...

Glad you are all safe and that it's stopped for now anyway. Safe trip home Melly.

Edie said...

Melly, i think some buffer time is a good idea before returning home. I certainly understand your lack for celibration but am glad that the firing has stopped. Perhaps you and your family can sleep well tonight.

How can we stop it indeed! The world is such a crazy orphanage in northern Sri Lanka has been bombed by their own gov. today, India is under allert, news is not good.

Anonymous said...

My first thoughts upon hearing about the ceasefire were about you. So glad you're safe.

You know, it just struck me. How sick are we that a phrase "cease fire" actually has been used enough to create it's own noun, "ceasefire." Even the shape of our language demonstrates our violence.

jmk said...

so whats going on now...... i hear they fired again?? just didnt land where they were suppose to?? Pray it holds and no more forever.. You will write when you go back to canada wont you?? I hope to hear from you then too.. Prayers with you,, jmk

Marie said...

I hope you can come to a safer place soon. You've done so much for so many of us. Thank you again.

Nienke said...

I'm glad you and your family are safe for the time being. I understand your desire to spend some "normal" time with them. Yet, I will also breath a sigh of relief when I know you are back in Canada, safe and sound.

Therese Walsh said...

I completely agree with Nienke; It'll be such a relief to have you on safe ground. I do understand the mixed feeings you're having. Hopefully these small steps will lead to a permanent resolution.

rdl said...

Melly, hope we hear from you soon!
Stay well!

fred charles said...

I hope all is well. We all hope to hear something from you!