Sunday, May 01, 2005

About All Kinds of Writing

Tag lines:
    This blog aims at writers. Fiction writers, non-fiction writers and freelance writers.

    A lot about writing. A bit about science. Somehow, it all comes together.

All Kinds of Writing is, as the name suggests, a blog about writing. It is a blog about writing fiction, non-fiction, short-stories, novels, articles and anything I find an interest in, or that I feel others have an interest in.

But All Kinds of Writing is also written by a very real person who has interests other than writing and even, believe it or not, a life. Therefore, on occasion I promise that you will find a personal post about something that happened to me, a news item that I found intriguing or that affected me, not to mention science posts.

This is how I see the breakdown of weekly posts, although I don't promise a schedule:
-Writing post for beginners
-General writing post
-Writing market
-Science news item or science related post
-Guest poster
-General news/personal rant/fun post

What do you think?
Anything else you would like to see here?


Mark said...

I would suggest using a lighter background color. The current color makes it difficult to read some of the text.

Good luck with your projects.

melly said...

Thanks Mark. Do you mean the background of the middle column?

Carissa said...

Hi there!

I don't have any comments to make re your blog, as I've only just found it, but I do have a question. I was wondering what template you're using? I love the three column layout and would love to try it out on my blog.

Now I've asked my question, I'll get down to reading more of your posts. I'm liking it so far.



Melly said...

Hi Carissa and thanks.
The template is something I've created by combining a few other templates I've seen and liked.
It's not a very friendly template if you don't have some previous knowledge and I've played with it for months to get the outcome you see now and even now I'm not sure what everything is.
I don't have a seperate CSS file so everything is in the source file which you can get easily enough by going to View->Source.
I hope that helps. Tell me me if you run into any problems and hope you like the content as well :)

Linda said...

Hi Melly:

I'm an aspiring writer that happen to come across your blog and I love it. I think it's a great forum. I'm also new to blogging. My blog is

I hope you'll check it out. feel free to e-mail me at

I look forward to hearing from you either via e-mail or blog!

Roomy Naqvy said...

I liked your blog. Good and informative. Its pretty old too.