Wednesday, July 26, 2006


As rockets keep falling on my hometown the past three days and dozens of people get hurt, we decided to extend our stay until Sunday. We can't really afford to, and at the same time, we can't afford not to.

What do you call people who cannot return home because their homes are in the midst of a war zone? Refugees, no? It's hard to admit and difficult to swallow, but this is the situation.

Of course, I can return home to Canada, but my family?

We went into the city yesterday evening, and the feeling was eerie. I'd say that 80% of the people were refugees from the north. People looked lost. People were in the city because they had no other place they could be, nowhere to go. Just like us. Most people on the phone, stand around, look around, unsure what to do next, where to go next.

It's not a holiday feel as much as we try to lighten our hearts. We're not home. How long can people stay away from home like that? We feel it. None of us are working and the end doesn't seem to be near.

Thank goodness for kids and babies. They're the only ones who manage to make us smile these days.

We're hoping for a quick peaceful solution.


Nienke said...

Hey Melly, glad to hear you're doing okay. I may not be commenting every day, but know that I'm checking in often and thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I'm reading. And thinking of you.

B2 said...

I have no comment that could approach expressing how I feel... but I felt I should let you know that people are reading your words and hoping... for... something....

Edie said...

Children are wonderfully amazing in the way they can lift us no matter what life is bring on. I’m glad you and your family are safe and I hope you remain.

I think about you often. I think about the people everywhere who are suffering the terror and then the horror of wars.

Sorry i've been out of touch--my computer was being worked on.

redchurch said...

I would be so frustrated if I were you Mel. But that's more just how I deal with situations outside of my control. Reading these posts just makes me swell with the urge to do something, *anything* -- just to change the situation or stabilize things. Even if there's nothing that can be done, I would still look for a way because that's just how I am. I can't tolerate nonsense like that, and that's exactly what this kind of fighting is--nonsense.

Maybe I have a distorted sense of priority, but I consider it a tragedy that you can't continue your normal fiction-writing activities, be creative, and live out your normal life all because of somebody's stupid agenda.

It sounds silly, but fiction-writing is more important than war. Screw their stupid little war. I wish I could take all the people fighting, load them on a rocketship and send it into the sun, just so you could return to your writing. :)

Maybe I'm a bit too passionate that way, but ordinary life, living, doing the things you want and love to do, all of those are more important than somebody's political or ideological agenda.

That's just how I feel... it bothers me that this situation is consuming every waking moment of your life right now. While you're waiting for people to stop throwing their political tantrums, you're unable to live and enjoy life.

This conflict is infringing on the freedoms and rights of people everywhere, and I wish there was something The People could do to stop it.

Kathleen Bolton said...

Stay safe, Melly. You're all in our prayers.

fred charles said...

Melly, hang in there okay. I hope that you are doing well and this insanity will end soon. Kids always bring a smile to peoples faces. I feel so bad that these kids even have to be in this situation.

Wren Violet said...

This is the most wonderful, humanist blog. Thank you so much for publishing. You and your family are in my thoughts. Be well.

Deborah said...

I'm glad you and your family got out of Haifa. Also, I'm glad the bomb that landed near your parents' home turned out to be a dud.

michaelm said...


I've been away on vaca for a bit and yours is the first blog I've visited since I got back. I thought of you every time I read one of the screaming headlines in the paper.
I hope you're staying safe.
As far as the "refugee" term, I think you almost answered your own question: Most people look lost.
Lost is a terrible place to be and certainly not home.
Home is somewhere inside you and never that far away if you can find more than 3 seconds of peace.
Be strong.
Be hopeful.
Find home soon.
You do it with the characters you write about, now do it for yourself.


Edie said...

Hi Melly or "Hubby"
thinking about you and sending out prays

rdl said...

Hope to see a post soon. I'm sure internet access is difficult as well as phones. please stay well.

Noa said...

I feel for you. I really do. But no matter the discomfort you are experiencing these days, you cannot call yourself a refugee. You have a home to go back to, after all. You have options. Those people in Lebanon have none of these. They are the real refugees here, the real victims of this damned war.

Melly said...

Everybody, thank you so much!

Noah, thank you.
You're right, I'm back at my parents now as opposed to all those Israelis whose houses have been destroyed by rocket attacks from Lebanon (courtesy of Hezbollah) and who are the real refugees.