Saturday, July 29, 2006

Going back north

Tomorrow will be a week since we left northern Israel's war zone. By now everybody's feeling homesick and is willing to risk a couple of days at home with the sirens, the rockets, the explosions and the blasts.

So tomorrow, Sunday, we're going back. A few of us might even try to go back to work. We'll see. We don't want to fall into a false sense of security arising from staying in the south for a week and not feeling the immediate danger.

I have mixed feelings about going back north, of course, but even I feel the need for some home comforts in between the sirens and the rockets.

I'm not sitting at the cafe I've been using, by the way. It's closed. I guess for the Shabbat. I'm sitting outside, on the stairs and somehow manage to get the signal. People look at me and it's funny.

I read all your supporting comments, including friends and family from Canada and the US and you have no idea how much it helps and how much it means to me to read them all. Especially today when I have to mount up the strength to go back.

Already my stomach is reacting. That (by now) familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach that dissipated this past week is beginning to return today as the decision has been made to return.

I've just heard of more encouraging and positive voices from Lebanon against the Hezbollah. I hope it helps somehow. I'm not sure why Rice is taking her time to come here again. We all want to resolve this as soon as possible. We need relief. Israelis, Lebanese. We need to start rebuilding our towns and our economies, mourn our dead and heal our wounded. Building is so much better than destroying.

I've been toying with the idea of volunteering to supply food in shelters around more northern towns where only the elderly and people with less means remained (it is estimated that about 2/3 of the northern population left the north). I don't know if I'm courageous enough to do this, though. Hopping between one rocket to the next to supply food, TP and water. I'll keep you posted.

I'll have better access to internet when I go back to my parents' tomorrow. I just hope I won't be too much of a wreck to post.

Thank you all.

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Jonathan M. Dobson said...

Wow. Haven't been here in a while, and look at this. I can't believe it. My heart prays for you. Continue to keep your eyes and your ears open, for all of us back here. This will be my most trustworthy news source on this event in human history. Thanks, Mel.

rdl said...

I must say i wish you were listening to your stomach and staying where you are - safe. I still which even more that you would all go to someplace safer and not go back to where the bombs are falling. please stay well.

Edie said...

Hi Melly,

Was glad to see your post...
started getting a little concerned but reminded myself that internet signals were a problem. I think your volunteer idea is generous…it’s also empowering for the self as well as others. In such situations it’s amazing what you can do. After the tsunami a friend & I raised money for orphaned children and went to Southern India to work with the kids. There was beauty amidst devastation. It was humbling, rewarding, sad, and beautiful. It was an experience of a lifetime. I’m not saying to put yourself in harms ways, but volunteering on some capacity might help with coping through it… Also, my very good friend and partner (for the India project) is from war-torn Bosnia. Volunteering during the years of the war is what kept her going, kept her strong. She’s one of the most amazing people in my life.

In whatever you decide, be well. I don’t actually know you but I’ve read enough to say you are a strong and amazing person. Positive energy to you.


Darnell (IsraGood) said...

God bless and I wish you the best of luck as you travel up north. You'll be in my prayers.


IVAN said...

a father that survived to the israeli bomb today in QANA towards the injustice of seeing his sons dye on his arms, will be a future "terrorist"(predictable?)!!! and so, who is feeding terrorism??? ANGLOXAXONICS and ISRAEL are the true roots of terrorism!Maby its better for them to start bombing themselfs!!!=perhaps that way we´ll be free from terrorism!! You´re a shame for this World ANGLOXAXONICS and ISRAEL

ariadne said...

Hi!my name is Ariadne,I am 20 and I am from Greece.Part of your blogs are published in a popular newspaper of my country and as a result I learned about you.your words really touch me.I know that unfortunatelly i cant do a lot of things in order to help,in any way.but,at least i would like to support and encourage you and your people.i would like to remind you that there are people all over the world who care and worry about you and your compatriots.I hope I will have news from you soon..

Jean said...

Glad you are well. I, too, hope for a peaceful, lasting solution that comes to light soon.

Stay as safe as you can.

Melly said...

Jonathan, edl, Jean, Darnell, Edie - thank you for your continuing support. Let's all hope for a quick and peaceful solution.

Ariadne, by supporting you're helping more than you know. Thank you.

rdl said...

Melly so glad to hear from you, please stay safe.