Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Human Story

As I told you already, most people in our hotel are evacuees from the North.
Yesterday there was some commotion and I noticed a few families on the lawn with their packs. I already had an idea of what was happening but wanted to make sure. So I talked to the hotel V.P. to get my facts right.

She says that there was a large group that was evacuated from Zafed and Nahariya. Someone donated 6 nights at the hotel for them. Yesterday, the six nights were over and the evacuees from Nahariya simply refused to leave and go back home.

They first refused to leave the rooms and when they finally did, they refused to leave the lawn. Imagine, whole families, with kids, preferring to stay on a hotel lawn rather than go back home.

After some phone calls between the respective mayors of Nahariya and where I'm staying, they asked the hotel V.P. to find them a hall that isn't in use at the moment and put some mattresses there. I'm not sure why they couldn't organize a school gym, it is summer break after all, but it doesn't matter. It's just sad. The whole thing is sad.

I now know that there are a few more groups of evacuees sponsored by different bodies coming to hotels all over the country and the hotel where we stay. In addition, a major group of people which houses was destroyed by rockets is coming. The government is sponsring that.

I also talked to a guy who had just arrived with a new group from Nahariya. His house wasn't hit directly, "only" damaged. He told me some crazy stories. Apparently, in Nahariya they can hear the rockets as they're being launched and then they know they have about 10 seconds to get to a safe place.

The damage to property is enormous. He claims these are no longer Katyusha rockets but missiles of some sort they're shooting. And these missilies cause damage in a radius of about 100-200 metres (like yards), while the pellets I've mentioned a few posts ago reach over a kilometer (more than half a mile).

He showed me pictures he took with his phone and we're trying to find a way to upload them to my computer so I can share them with you.

And then, just like that, as I walk in the hall I overhear someone talking on the phone: "The fridge, the computer, the kitchen cabinets. Everything's destroyed," he says to someone I can't see.

We all now have similar stories to differnt degrees.

Final note - I didn't mention that my uncles stayed in our home town. One of them went to see the dud near my parents' place.

Crazy stories. Right here. In Israel. My stories.

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Tess said...

Keep safe, Melly!!

Paul said...

Hang tough and may God bless you all!!