Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pictures from the attack on Haifa a few days ago

A direct hit on the house.
I found the curtains that were left hanging so eerie

An adjacent building riddled with shrapnel and the little pellets that these rockets are full for maximum damage and carnage

A close up of that wall

A car that stood nearby, again - those pellet wholes

Here are pellets

Thank you Lenny M for taking these pictures. Please don't put yourself in any further danger.

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fred charles said...

These pictures are disturbing. It sounds like a truly horrible situation over there. Stay safe!

Kielib said...

Amazing that humans do this to each other. The pictures bring it home more than you know. To think that they claim Islam is a peaceful religion while these terrorists are attacking civilians in the name of God.
I'm glad that you are going south. You & your family are in our prayers.