Sunday, July 23, 2006

Closer - two dead

Weird. The first siren of the morning found me in bed just before 10:00 a.m. (Our sleeping patterns are erratic.) Oddly, I was calm. Maybe because I was just sleeping. Who knows?

Then the explosions. One after another. I couldn't count as some of them fell together. But I figured it was more than 10.
A few of them were very close. One especially. Car alarms went off from that blast. And I'm eerily calm. Is it possible I'm getting used to this? Can anyone get used to this?

My sister - I'm thinking. She took her girl to the HMO this morning. Was she home on time? Was she on the road?
My friend from Haifa calls. She's alone with her 4-month-old. She calls me for support. She yelled at me for flying over, now she's the one who won't leave her home and who relies on me somewhat. Even if it's from a distance.

"A siren," I jump and tell her while we talk.
"I don't hear anything," she says.
It's true. It was the emergency vehicles sirens.
"It must be right near you, then," she says.
We remain under the stairs.

We go up. The tally: 13 rockets. 2 dead. About ten wounded.
I talk to my sisters. Everybody's fine.
The fear returns. With a vengeance. I think I hardly had a moment where I didn't feel sick to my stomach ever since I got here.

Another siren. "Only" three blasts this time.
We're home again. My dad's watching a show about the Caribbean. Nice.

I wish my husband was up now so I could call him.
He has this magical way of calming me.
This morning, after I woke up at 4:30 a.m. because of some noise, I couldn't fall sleep again because I was too scared. I finally called hubby around 6:00 a.m.. At the end of our conversation I fell asleep. Gosh, I miss him. But I won't call him. I don't want to worry him. He's worried sick as it is.

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garg said...

sigh :( I hope this ends soon.

I was just reading posts by a blogger from Lebanon. Her posts sound exactly like yours. I hate to see people who want no part in wars getting stuck in the middle of them.

I don't understand why your friend won't leave Haifa.

How far away from you are the blasts? Doesn't Israel have that missile shield that is mentioned in the news so often?

Stay safe and try not to get stressed too much. I know it's silly to tell you not to get too stressed but still try because stress can cause serious illnesses after all of this is over.

Take care of your self and your family. :( Good luck.. hopefully this will end soon.

Melly said...

Garg, thank you so much.
You have no idea how much I feel and understand for the people in Lebanon. Could you leave the link of her blog please?
BTW, I'm not quite sure what missile shield you speak of, sounds like something scifi. I wish :)

garg said...

Hello :)

I posted some other bloggers in your area at the following address: . Everyone is stressed and sick of this :(

The person who I mentioned is at

The missile shield apparently deploys a guided missile to intercept any incoming missiles in midair. It's probably still being tested.

Please be safe.. our thoughts are with you all.