Sunday, July 23, 2006

Breaking Point

We're leaving.
We're going south. My parents and both my sisters and families.
Today there were 5 or 6 sirens, but. But. Gosh.
There were several falls without sirens. They say it's something like 50/50.

Last siren my mom was napping. She woke up in such distress that we needed to go help her out of bed first and then went down stairs slowly slowly. She couldn't do it any other way.

That's it.

People, I understand are cramming 15 people into hotel rooms. Because of lack of room and because of financial means. They're running out of money, they didn't get paid and can't pay bills.

Nahariya gets it even worse.
My dad talked to a relative in Nahariya yesterday. Nahariya is a beautiful coastal town north of us. Because they're much closer to the border, they don't get any sirens as the rockets are only a few seconds in the air. So they have to stay inside the shelters, not just their homes, constantly. The shelters are public and all the residents of the same building share it. Have been sharing it for a week. Can you imagine sleeping in the same room with neighbors?

They have mattresses on the floor, or bunks, and it's hot. A Middle East kind of heat. They haven't left their shelters for ten days. Supplies are running short. The kids are bored and scared. People are getting desperate. Yesterday Nahariya was hit by 54 rockets out of the 160 and the carnage was dreadful. One of them right near my relative. If I have it somewhat rough, their situation is impossible.

They can't even flee. Too dangerous to even put your nose outside the bomb shelter.

I don't know if I'll have internet where I go, but don't worry. I might get husband to post occasionally for me.

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Marcail said...

Wishing you a safe journey.

moonbright said...

Melly, my thoughts and my positive energy will be with you through your and your family's journey. I know that others who have read and encouraged you for days now are sending their positive thoughts towards you as well. Keep your beautiful heart open love and peace and do not fear.
Warm hugs

garg said...

Yes. Please get to the safest place as possible. And please do get your husband to update so that we all know that you're alright.

Good luck and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing and making this more real for me. As above, please be as safe as you can.

Edie said...

Hearts are with you and your family Melly. Be well/be safe. I want to say more but can't right now...I'm a bit emotional for many reasons. Wish all hearts were so empathetic...what a beautiful world this would be.

Postive thoughts & engergy to you.