Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Situation is Becoming Dire

It is half past midnight here. I'm exhausted, we all are, but I can't sleep.

Nine sirens today as Hezbollah's making sure we stay fit with going up and down the stairs.
One time I heard three distant explosions, another time I heard nine explosions rather close.
All in all, 160 katyusha rockets were fired at the north of Israel today (over a 1,000 since the conflict began), and 39 people were wounded.

My cousin took his family (two kids) and a tent and went down south. He's not the only one. Those who can afford to, go to hotels in cities south of Haifa. Those who have family in the south, go there. Those with neither, simply packed up tents and are sleeping on the beach or something like that. I hope the government intervenes and help them.

Last week, almost no one I know went to work, except on Sunday. It's true for almost all of the population north of Haifa. About one million people either fled south or stay at home/shelters. A big economic crisis is just around the corner.

And yet, even as I write this we get reports of heavy traffic coming north at the end of the Israeli weekend. People are coming back home after a week probably, or maybe a weekend. Maybe they ran out of money, maybe they need to feel home a bit.

I'm still trying to get my family, at least my parents away for the day. Just to spend a day in a more relaxed manner as there are two distinct realities now in Israel - where rockets fall (north and south) and where they don't. We need to clear our heads a bit. Not jump at every sound. Maybe eat. Sleep.

To my Canadian family and friends
As this blog is no longer my private space on the web and you've all been reading it, I wanted to send you all my love.

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Anonymous said...

From Medicine Hat, Alberta, my prayers go out to you and your family.

Keep safe,


Trée said...

Melly, thanks so much for these reports. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Therese Walsh said...

What a horror for all of you, Melly. Getting away for a day (or longer) should be good for you and your family, and I hope you can convince them to do just that. Stay strong! We're thinking and praying for you.

Rose said...

My prayers are also with you and your family and all those who are affected by this...

Ryan Oakley said...

Hey Melly. Things are looking good. I'd say stop hiding under your staircase and loot the local pub. Fuck those sirens. Just anti-looting noise.

Melly said...

Ernie, my fellow Canadian, thanks.

Trée, thanks hon.

Therese, I agree with you. Hopefully we'll go tomorrow.

Rose, thank you.

Ryan, exactly my thoughts!
Fuck the sirens. Fuck the explosions. Where's the bloody beer?
Promise we're going for drinks as soon as I get back and you'll tell me all about looting pubs :)