Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogging Balls

Sorry to be so crass, crude (is balls still considered PG-13?).

Yes, you are not used to this kind of language from me, but there's a good reason, or at least there was a good reason that had completely dissipated by now.

You see, I think that this blog always promoted discussion and accepted different points of view so when I saw a "rebuttal" post on another blog to one of my posts, my first reaction was to take it personally at what I deemed to be a cowardice attitude. Not only did the blogger in question not comment on my post, but also hadn't "informed" me of the rebuttal in a comment.

Luckily for me I had to do something before I could post this current post, avoiding making a fool out of myself (a pretty common occurrence for me what with my big mouth and my very direct language).

Having time to think about it though, I figured that this was actually, probably, more of a form of flattery and not a sneaky way to attack me without me being able to defend myself, nor was it a declaration of sorts on this blog's inability to accept different opinions. So I'm calm now.

Besides, I realized, haven't we all done it before, rebutting, expanding, or what not on an idea that has touched us from another blog? Isn't that why we link to the original post?

Thanks for listening.



Flood said...

I accidentally did this to someone recently and had it accidentally done to me. It really wasn't malicious in intent at all, but initial reactions are always personal.

I'm glad that you've thought it through to make it a positive thing.

redchurch said...

It wasn't me was it Mel? Can't think of any recent rebuttals, though I love arguing with ya! :)

And no, I can't see something like that being intentional.

Now you've got me all curious about who it was, and made me self-conscious looking back through my posts!

Melly said...

Flood, yeah, we all did it / doing it :)

Eric, no.
How can it be you? You make your opinions very well know right here :)
And sometimes, if I really got you all riled up :) then at your blog too (I think you usually tell me you expanded on this).
Are you kiddin' me? I love our debates.

It was really silly of me to get all personal about this. I think that perhaps the person was just shy, being new and all. But really, it's nothing. The person did link properly so I really have no cause to feeling that way. Just one of those sensitive moments/days...

redchurch said...

It's ok Mel.

We all knee-jerk sometimes. It's part of how we evolve our self-control. I often see certain kinds of comments and flip out inside, even though I know the person is just expressing their opinion and everything is ok. We all have internal reactions... some days stronger than others.

That's why I go on my big rants at times. I perfectly understand.

So guilty of the same thing...

Darren said...

If other bloggers are talking about you and even taking the piss out of you, you're doing something right. It doesn't matter what they say or how they say it, they're listening to YOU, and responding. If they respond with a well structured and polite argument, then you respond back in kind. If they attack you aggressively off the bat, then they're just rude b******ds and you ignore them. Treat them as spammers or trolls and move on, because that's what they are. These aggressive types never last

You've got a whole lot of readers here, and we're a pretty smart bunch. If you were off your rocker we'd have let you know by now.

Jennifer said...

Okay, not to get totally off topic, but I have a question for Redchurch. WHAT IS YOUR BLOG LINK. I think I'm totally stupid. I can't seem to figure it out. I've been trying to find it. Is it staring me right in the face?

And Melly, we all rant. I tend to get myself in trouble sometimes cause I speak before thinking. Or rather speak before calming down.

It feels good to rant though doesn't it?

fred charles said...

It's always good to take a breather in a situation like that. I run the computer network at my office, and once and a while, a user sends out a nasty email to one of my staff. My first instict is to fire back an email but I always try to let the email sit for a bit before replying.

Melly said...

Eric, you? Rant? Naaahh ;)

Darren, this is exactly the conclusion I've come to after I've calmed down. Thanks for letting me know I'm not "off my rocker."

Jennifer, redchurch's blog name is Quantum - down my sidebar.
Re - rants. I've only lately started ranting a bit on this blog. I think I should stop. Don't wanna be known as "ranty Melly" :)

Fred, that's a good rule to follow. Taking a breather and waiting.

redchurch said...


Quantum Storytelling in case you couldn't find it.

You also helped me realize that my Blogger profile (click on name) was linking to the old incarnation of my blog, so thanks.

And Mel, don't stop ranting. Ranting is ok as long as it doesn't go off topic too much. Blogs aren't pro articles for a reason--I love em' for off-the-cuff remarks and commentary. :)

We're all just riffers in a riffin' universe.

Jennifer said...

Thank you. I have now found. It's all the mind is on over load. I swear normally I'm not such a slow poke and do figure these things out.


rdl said...

I went looking for the perpetrator but no luck.

Diddums said...

Oh, but I love reading other people's rants! They often get me all fired up too. Sometimes not in a good way if I think the person and his/her commenters are going over the top about something, but I've not found that here. So don't stop ranting. (That sort of phrase always reminds me of Matthew in 'Anne of Green Gables', when he says "don't stop dreaming, Anne. A little of it is not a bad thing."

Melly said...

Eric, fine. An occasional rant is coming your way :)

rdl, it was so stupid of me that you probably wouldn't even relaize it when you see it. Real stoopid!

Diddums, I totally get what you mean about the 'don't stop dreaming.' LOL :)
And fine, an occasional rant ;)