Friday, July 07, 2006

Amazon Shorts Contest

I think there's something wrong with me, and dare no one here say it's age.
I had a few great ideas for posts but somehow completely forgot them.

So instead I give you this:
    A new short-form writing contest, the winners of which (published or unpublished authors) will be given the opportunity to have their stories sold on through the Amazon Shorts program.

I posted about Amazon Shorts back in August 2005, bemoaning the fact it is only for well established and published authors. So here's the chance to get in there for all the unpublished writers out there.

Some details:
- The site is
- The contest announcement
- Length 2000-10,000
- No genre restrictions specified
- Contest open until Sep 30th
- 4 winners each month (July, August, Sep) - 3 readers choice and 1 editorial pick
- Prize - the opportunity to be sold on Amazon

If nothing else, it's a good exposure and practice. Get started writing now!

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redchurch said...

Mel said:

"I had a few great ideas for posts but somehow completely forgot them."

You need to jot down reminders in a Moleskine or something. Even if you don't spend a lot of time on notes, just a little quickie reminder to yourself helps a ton.

I do this all the time: "Blog post about structure that hopefully makes Melly mad?" - Allows you to forget it and not feel like ya missed anything! ;)

Notes to self are the perfect hack for those of us who can't remember everything.

Write everything down!

rdl said...

I hate when that happens in the car or the shower and i have to rely on my brain and not pen and paper. Cool info on the shorts - Thanks.

redchurch said...


You just reminded me... I recently heard about some kind of wax (I think) pens that you can use in the shower--allowing your shower wall to become a whiteboard.

I need to check up on that. :)

Benjamin Solah said...

I might have a go at this. I'm a member of Gather because some horror writer friend referred me.

I'm also reading a book by Maruki Harukami and it's lit fic, so it'd be good to try something new.

Benjamin Solah said...

lol, sorry that's Haruki Murakami.

Anthony J. Rapino said...

RIght on. Thanks for the tip. Too bad I don't have anything sitting around that I can send in.

Melly said...

Eric, I usually do, but this time I was busy in the kitchen or something like that. But you're right :)
And wax shower???

rdl - you're welcome :)

Benjamin, so they don't accept horror? Only lit fic?
And gosh, did you ever make me laugh. This sort of mix-ups are hilarious!

Anthony, come on, you can still write one and send it in. There's plenty of time. Go for it.

Benjamin Solah said...

I think they probably do accept horror. If I remember right, one of the first shorts they put on the site was by either Koontz or King.

I was just using the market as a prompt to try something new, as most of the markets I'm familiar with are horror.

Melly said...

I see. Excellent and thanks for the input :)