Saturday, August 20, 2005

Amazon Shorts

Even though it's been up and running for about a month, I found the following post in Writer's Blog. It is now finally official - to Sell Short Stories.

Amazon's official announcement through Business Wire: Innovation Aims to Revive Short-Form Literature -- Offers Exclusive Digital "Shorts" from Renowned Authors; "Amazon Shorts" Gives Readers Instant Access to Short Works for 49 Cents Each

Naturally I went to check it for myself at Amazon Shortsand what did I happen to come across if not an Author FAQ. (It is, of course, for well established and published authors but it doesn't hurt to bookmark it.)

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Lee Carlon said...

That seems like good news to me. and being the digital geek I posted about it too, I would've trackedback or trackbacked whatever it is, but...anyway.

Melly said...

No worries Lee, and yeah, it seems like good news to me too.
I hope it does boost the short story market especially in this 'short attention span'/MTV kind of age.