Friday, June 09, 2006

Markets - Short Stories, Contests, Blogs

Through Alison Kent:
Circlet Press has issued a Call for Submissions for Best Fantastic Erotica, Volume 2 to be edited by Cecilia Tan. The anthology will be a compilation of erotic stories of all the types with a sf or fantasy twist. There's a $5 fee.

From Nalini Singh I have two new blogs:
Harlequin VP Isabel Swift's blog
Get to know Avon editors on Avon Romance blog

And no sooner had Georganna from Writer's Edge returned to us than she posted a post which includes a wonderful market-database for short stories and poetry, a paying short story market directory and a blog.
Oh, and don't forget that Georganna also judges The Writing Show contest.

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Cavan said...

I love Duotrope. Not only is it a great resource, but the submission tracker is a godsend for people who have trouble keeping track of those kinds of things.

Melly said...

Yeah, it really is a great site and database.

Georganna Hancock said...

Thanks for the plug for The Writing Show's contest. Less than a month to the deadline. I presume the check's in the mail for favorable consideration of your entry, Melly? [JOKE!!!]

Melly said...

You were supposed to get the check by now. Don't tell me it got lost in the mail ;)
And you're right, I do want to submit. I will do my best.