Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's a four-letter word...

What's a four-letter word that if you add 'ger' to it you get this:

Even though the front page says this:



Jennifer said...

Hehe - Don't you love that.

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D You get to get spoiled today right!

Melly said...

I do, I get spoiled today :)
You'r such a sweetheart for remembering!
Thanks :-)

Flood said...

Oh, Melly, Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the hard work in compiling info for us. Hope this next year brings great things your way.

I have haloscan for comments, so when things with blogger got wonky I thought I would be in the clear. Turns out most people assume that if it doesn't work in one place, it'll be like that everywhere.

Late last night as I was searching for links for today's entry, I couldn't even open blogger to get an error message. Things seems faster today, so I am crossing fingers and toes that the problem is fixed.

Fred Charles said...

Blogger seems to be having a lot of problems lately. It makes me glad that I moved to Wordpress but sad that I can't leave comments at my favorite blogs.

Melly said...

Thanks Flood :)
Things do seem better today. Hope it stays.

Fred, you're lucky you moved. Really!

Pat Kirby said...

I don't blog enough for Blogger to be too annoying, yet. And it still offers the most features, especially with regard to posting photos and whatnot. But it's been rather obnoxious of late.

I use Live Journal for writing stuff, but sometimes it acts up too. I don't pay for either, so I guess I don't have much room for complaint.

Melly said...

Hey, good for you Pat!
That's the attitude to take :)