Friday, June 09, 2006

All Kinds of... Wifes?

I have to share - by far the best search term.
Apparently I rank 17 in Google UK for this phrase:


Please note how 'wifes' is spelled...
I don't want to even think about the intentions behind that one.


Jennifer said...

1) The person failed...what was is second grade (maybe thrid) English :D

2) The person was in a hurry?

3) The person/people live in Utah and are currently thinking about another wife...something different than what they already have (is my mind totally twisted that I would think of this possibility :D)

4) Well I won't mention my #4 :D I think I got myself in trouble enough with #3.

Melly said...

No, no, Jennifer. You must, absolutely must mention your number 4.
Don't worry, you didn't get too twisted. I was thinking the same only not Utah but Middle East.

redchurch said...

Mmm... wifes.

Oh, sorry. Why do you 'wifes' have to distract me so much? ;)

Melly, take the Google UK thing as a compliment.

At least they didn't call you a bint... "All Kinds of Bints" Those wacky British and their slang.

Jude said...

Howdy Melly and redchurch
We British aint that wacky, really! At least you're on google

Melly said...

Eric, it's understandble, you can't help being a guy ;)
I don't believe I ever mentioned the word bint here so I doubt that would happne, but then again, I don't thin I ever mentioned wifes either...

Jude, oh I intend to rank number 1 in that search term on Google UK. Mark my words :)

michaelm said...

I've had some doozies on my blog as well regarding search engines.
Ah, polygamy...what an unusual concept.


Melly said...

I love these search phrases. The things people think of...