Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's Like a Concert

Yesterday was my birthday. Big deal, everybody has one and with 6 billion people in the world, I'm bound to share mine with one or two...

Anyway, hubby said we were going out. Where? Well, it's like a concert, he said.

For weeks before I didn't think about it much until the morning of. What does 'like a concert' mean anyways?

Loving surprises, I've been really good though. I haven't checked the visa bill, nor did I even look at events listings around the GTA. I was in the dark. But I couldn't stop myself from thinking now, could I?

My clues:
1) It's like a concert
2) It's pretty casual
3) We'd have to drive there (I had to pick him up early from work).

Before we said our goodbyes in the morning, I couldn't help myself and trying to get more clues, I said, "You know, a talent show is like a concert."

"What?" he said. "You don't want to see a bunch of six-year-olds dancing and singing?" ----Nice!

It was the third clue that started my thought process. I figured we'd have to drive out of town for this. I didn't think any of the theatre festivals started in Niagara on the Lake or in Stratford, but I wasn't sure. Casino Rama has concerts (I've seen what's-his-name from Supertramp there).

Then I combined the second and first clue. My thinking was that it might be a smaller venue, like watching a live band in a pub or something. (The smallest I've ever seen, by the way, was Stone Temple Pilots in a tiny pub in Vancouver in the early 90s, and then Smashing Pumpkins in a big pub in TO in the late 90s. Other than that, it's always been medium-big halls and stadiums.)

It was only when I picked up hubby from work that I found out. Jon Stewart. We fu**ing went to see Jon Stewart in Casino Rama. I mean, I love the man. He was so funny. It was the best show, the best surprise, the best everything. Ever!!!

On a side note, the World Cup, kicked off yesterday, on my birthday. Growing up around football (soccer), I've got a soft spot for it. I'm rooting for France. I like Zidane.



Flood said...

Wow. What a great present. Are you in T.O.?

redchurch said...

Happy B-day Mel! I hope you had a good time.

I didn't realize you were a summer baby like me. July 2nd is coming up quick. :)

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Happy b-day. That's a great present. Jon Stewart is damn funny.

Hey, thanks for the link too.


Cavan said...

Holy crap! What a freakin awesome present. And happy birthday, by the way.

Melly said...

I sure am, Flood.

Thanks, Eric, and yeah, I'm such a summer baby. I hate the winter. Give hot hot weather all the time.

Thanks, Anthony, he sure was funny.

Cavan, freakin awesome just about sums it up. Oh, and thanks, by the way ;)

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a blast. I would have liked to have seen STP when they were still playing, but at least I have their CDs.

fred charles said...

Happy Birthday!

John Stewart is awesome. Sounds like you had a great time.

Georganna Hancock said...

Happy Birthday today! Sounds like a great present.

Melly said...

Thanks, Deborah. Well, what would we do without CDs?

Fred, I did. I had a great time.

Georganna, indeed it was. A great present!

michaelm said...

Stuart is a comedic genius.
I say Stuart for President.
Sounds like your birthday was 'da bomb.


Jennifer said...

Awesome b-day surprise :D I got taken shopping Saturday. I was totally spoiled! I got 2 new outfits and the cutest shoes! (among a few other things).

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is great! I loved the Jon Stewart Show back in the day. :D

Melly said...

Michael, you're not the first I heard saying Stuart for President. Interesting. Well, at least a very high ranking advisor, I'd say...
And yes, my "birthday was 'da bomb!"

Jennifer, you said you had a feeling you wouldn't have to pay. Good stuff!
Sounds like you had a great one too :)

Jason, he did a lot of stuff from, or similar to the stuff of the Jon Stewart show. Not everything was current events. It was great indeed.

rdl said...

Happy Belated Birthday Melly!!!!!

Melly said...

Thanks rdl :)