Monday, June 12, 2006

Until Blogger's Back Up

There's a scheduled outage in about an hour, so there isn't much point for a serious post.

Once again we didn't have the best weather over the weekend. So far, and without fail, it either rained on the weekend or was much colder, like the past weekend. I long for the summer to take hold already.

Despite the weather I had a great weekend that started with Jon Stewart and continued with a very productive couple of days writing wise (actual writing and socializing).
I planned on going to the Book Expo on Sunday, but I did something to my back and was feeling very funny when I finally managed to get out of bed on Sunday.
(See, two days after my birthday and already I talk (and feel) like I'm a hundred-years-old. That aging thing just won't go away!)
I didn't go to the expo, but I'm much better today.

I'll work on a nicer post for later.

So here we go, the inevitable cycle begins again. Time keeps moving and I keep getting older. Have a great week!

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