Monday, June 05, 2006

Is it True I should have Blog Goals?

Darren, the Problogger, claims I should have blog goals yet I'm not so sure if that holds true for me. Obviously, blog goals would be something important if I were a problogger, but I'm not. So do I still need blog goals? In short, yes, and here's the why.

As I've mentioned in the previous group writing project post about blogging habits, I quite like my blog and have fun with it. However, even I like my blog much better when it's successful, that is, when traffic is good, when there are many comments, when I know that a post I wrote brought all that about. So if I want to keep having fun, I, too, need goals.

My primary goal then is to have fun - with the writing, with the topics, with the readers. I don't mean being light about everything but rather enjoying what I'm doing. Since I am, that's almost a no-brainer and yet so many who do go the problogging route forget about this one little goal. If a blogger had chosen a topic he's not passionate about, for example, and blogging becomes a chore, then he's in for it.

My secondary goals are the ones that should help me achieve my primary goal and they are:
  • To steadily increase my blog's readership and inbound links

  • To increase comments and participation

  • To remain interesting and on topic
How do I go about doing that, achieving my goals?
  • To increase readership and links I try to write good, helpful and consistent content and I promote my blog on other blogs through visits, comments and guest posts.

  • To increase participation I try to write about topics I know are of interest to my readers (as well as me). I notice what posts receive more comments and linkbacks and I apply what I've learnt to upcoming posts.

  • To remain interesting and on topic I use a few practices:
    1. I write posts ahead of time
    2. I save interesting articles I find for a later date
    3. I have recurring columns/features that I try to keep to as mentioned in my about page (I'm least successful in that).
There you go - my goals and how I try to achieve them.



down_not_out said...


Good luck.



Melly said...

LOL Rhiannon. Yes. Goal.

Servant of Chaos said...

Depends whether you are a goal oriented person. Perhaps I am just a slacker ... but if I had to set and stick to goals I would probably just prefer to reading rather than write.

ME Strauss said...

What a great title! I loved this post it's so in keeping with the writer you are and you are so inherently goal oriented that you don't even think about your goals.

You're a winner -- a successful and outstanding blogger. You are your goals.

Melly said...

Servant of Chaos (love the name, btw), I don't think of it this way. That's why my primary goal is fun, and then the rest is fun too, not tedius. But you're right, it probably has to do more with who I am.

Liz, my, blush :)
And look who's talking.
Can't wait to read your post about it.

Jason Boog said...

Great post. It sounds like you are having plenty of fun, and that makes it fun for me to read too.

I loved the 666 story idea, did anybody follow your posting? I would love to read some more...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Always a treat when I want to read the entire post!

I got here from problogger, reading the blogging goals.
Best to you, Cheers!

Melly said...

Jason, thank you!
Many blogger/writers posted something about 666, especially those who do horror/historical, but I have yet to see an actual story.
I'll keep you in mind if I will.

Jersey Girl, thanks. I'm glad I didn't bore you with my first few sentences. That's always a good sign :)

hiking said...

simple aim but interesting

Melly said...

Thanks, Hiking.

Jarkko said...

I liked your earlier submission to Darren's group writing project otherwise known as Darren's blorgy. Unfortunately I must confess that I liked this one even more. How's the water?

Melly said...

Thanks Jarkko. That's mighty kind of you.
The water's great, thanks :)