Monday, June 05, 2006

Story Ideas in the News - Are you ready for 666 day?

  • For horror/thriller writers:
Tomorrow is June, 6 2006. Which also translates to 06/06/06 (no matter which convention you use), or 666.
Those interested in the "number of the beast" as mentioned in the Book of Revelation (or the The Apocalypse of John), or those believing it is Satan's mark can write interesting stories about tomorrow.

Of course, I couldn't just let this 666 business go without saying what researchers think about it:
'Revelation' author, John of Patmos, traditionally believed to be St. John the Apostle, was writing to other persecuted Christians in code, according to Stevens, so "many of the strange elements in 'Revelation' signify events, people or institutions familiar to first-century Christians.

"The mark of the beast, 666, signifies those in thrall to the emperor and thus opposed to Christianity, and is most probably the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew letters for Nero," Stevens says.

The article also mentions of the many conspiracy theories associated with the number 666. Too many good plot lines from this (another Da-Vinci Code perhaps?)

Last on the subject - I once took one of those psychosometric exams and got 666 - do you think I'm marked?

  • For science-fiction writers:
Instead of volunteering your unused CPU time to aide SETI, why not use it to help the US government patrol the Mexican/US border?

Think of the possibilities: Mexico has a terrible plague going on and the borders are closed. You do your part - you watch the web cams that are stationed along the border all day while on the internet. One day you spot an intruder on the live surveillance footage. You call the free hotline but they have already been compromised and are most likely dead. In short, they don't answer so it's up to you to notify people to the danger. To save the world.

Oh, I don't know. Or something like that...

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Benjamin Solah said...

I'm not a religious person in any sense (being a Marxist and all) but the idea of this number and its significance does rowse interest. There's plenty of good stories in this -- I just haven't worked one out yet ;)

Deborah said...

I'm not a religious person, either. I guess that's why I smiled when I heard about the hysterical 911 calls in Florida and Arizona over the billboard ads for The Omen. Do you plan to see that movie?

Benjamin Solah said...

hmmm...I might have to. My sister is evangelical so if she hadn't moved in with her boss last week, I'm sure it would've caused a stir in the Solah household ;)

Flood said...

No matter what happens, you can be sure the new Omen will leave people jeering.

Melly said...

Benjamin, once you write it, let us read it - okay? It sure is an interesting topic.
(and let your sister read it too ;)

Deborah, I was definitely thinking of going to see The Omen but first I want to see X3.
(I haven't heard of the 911 calls, that's too funny, LOL)

Flood, you think? You have some insider info??? Pray share :)

Jennifer said...

Does this qualify me as a 'geek' if I know all this stuff? Or maybe weird? Cause 666 isn't exactly a # I should be obsessed with huh?

Not that I'm particularly obsessed with it...more like fascinated by it.

Just like I'm fascinated with the 1920s or the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge or Ellis Island?


Melly said...

Geek and weird Jennifer, geek and weird ;)

Wait, does that mean you're saying that about me too???

Jennifer said...

LOL - You make me laugh! Thank you :)

Maybe we could start a club :D Geeks and Weirdos welcomed :D

That'd cover just about all of us and it'd sure be fun!

Fred Charles said...

There seems to be a trend amongst bloggers to exploit 666 day. I just got my 666 post up!

Melly said...

Well, you and I, Fred, know how to exploit things ;)

Melly said...

Jennifer, my geek and weird friend, what should we call our club?
G&W Club? :)

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