Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogger Habits vs. Writer Habits

Yesterday I wrote a post about my blogging habits as part of a group writing project over at ProBlogger.

Since this is a writing site, most of the comments related to the writing part of blogging and how blogging affects writing.

I thought it would be interesting, as a personal exercise if anything, to see if my listed blogging habits also pertain to my writing.

1. Consistency - we often mention how important it is to write daily. I'm pretty good at that.

2. Shy - being shy never helps. When it is time for self promotion, it is also time for confidence. I'm not that good at that. I fail to tell people about my publications and I even fail (sometimes) to disclose such information in query letters.

3. Lazy/lack of backbone - okay, laziness is a bad trait to have, period. However, my laziness isn't across the board. While I give myself slack regarding blogging, I'm much better when my fiction is concerned.

4. Drafts - I guess that for writing, it would be something like going around with a notebook and writing things down as they come to mind. Check.

5. Aesthetics and artistic tendencies - luckily, none of that is needed in writing.

6. Written language - must be good and constantly improving. So while I feel that I write well in my blog, I'm never confident of my fiction.

7. Fresh ideas - I'll just repeat - not often, but when the occasional one comes along, it can be a very good one.

8. Vision - I have a much better strategy when it comes to my writing. I know where I want to get and how to get there.

9. Absence - I travel often and for long periods of time during which I post very little but I write quite a bit!

10. Diverse interest - my diverse interests have supplied me with many plot and story ideas.

I think that my writing habits and traits are much better than my blogging habits. I should definitely work on that shyness business though.
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Anonymous said...

Bad habit = I am very inconsistent with my blog. I tend to use blogging as a reward. Once I get all of my writing done for the day, I'll do some blogging. This system isn't working.

Kathleen Bolton said...

Consistency is an underrated virtue, imo. The irony is that the blogger/writer has to be consistent in both, which unfortunately leads to slacking off on one of them.

Remind me again why I blog?

Melly said...

Tammi, your tone really made me laugh :)
As long as you have your priorities straight and keep to them that's what counts. If writing is way more important then I'd say it's working just fine. Don't you agree?

Kathleen, gosh, you guys are funny today.
I guess it all depends also on how organized one's working day is. I see some prolific authors who have no problem filling their blogs either. Take Holly Lisle for example.
But I'm with you and as far as blogging/writing goes it's in cycles - when I blog more, I write less and vice versa...

Jennifer said...

My habits? Never thought about it. I just write when I've something to say. Which is why my posts are probably all over some days :D

I'm sure if I sat for a moment and thought about it I could give you a coherent answer :D I'm feeling lazy though.

Melly said...

Jennifer :)
As long as you do what you want then who cares? You put enough time into your writing and that's what counts.

H.E.Eigler said...


Just found your blog - you've got a good thing going here!

Consistency is by far my biggest challenge. Sometimes my day job sucks all my brain power away, sometimes life happens....I haven't figured out a good system for ensuring I put aside time to write no matter what. If you know of one please, please enlighten me!

Melly said...

Thanks H.E.
Oh, boy. How to be consistent? How to write dailt? System?
I'll have to think about that, but seriously, don't be so hard on yourself. Day jobs can be more or less demanding and everybody take breaks in the their free time, if it's from house duties, writing, or whatever else puts a strain on our time... Breaks are just as important I think.

ME Strauss said...

Gosh Melly,
You have a habit of always writing things that peiple want to read and talk about. I'd day that's a find habit . . . Seriously, you have a habit of writing posts that leave room for folks to respond.

Melly said...

Why thank you :)
What time do you get up in the morning???

Anonymous said...

I'm gald you caught the tone;)
I think I simply hve to reward myself more often. blogging does wonders for the imagination.

Melly said...

Me too, Tammy.
Whatever works for you is best for you - right? :)

Patry Francis said...

My father always celebrated "birthday month." I like that tradition. Have a happy one, Melly!

Melly said...

Took me a while to find your comment, Patry.
Thanks a bunch :)