Thursday, March 02, 2006

A little update on a previous post

I didn't want to write the name in the title, but I'm talking about the Tammy Nyp post I wrote a few days ago.

Well, this morning I checked my Technorati links and found a new link from a....
porn site!

What attracted this porn site my little blog was my Tammy Nyp post.

The title of said porn site's post looked familiar so I checked it out. They've actually copied my post word for word. Not that I mind, but given that my post wasn't really about the video but about human nature - the reaction to the video - I didn't see the point. Not to mention that the Tammy part was only a third of the post. The rest were some science and writing tidbits.

I doubt they even read it...



Darren said...

I had a similar case of plagiarism about a month ago. A complete post, without a single word changed appeared on a discussion board as somebody else's work. I wouldn't have minded so much, only it's had about ten times as many readers as my own post.

If you don't already use Copyscape, it's worth a look. It searches for complete or close copies of the content of your site. The results might surprise you.

Melly said...

I don't mind someone copying my posts as long as there's a reference or link to my site (which is what that site did, although I think I can do without a link from such a site :).
Admittedly, it is a bit odd that the whole thing is copied.

Once a post of mine too was referenced (not copied) with a link in a forum and I had lots of traffic from them.
If they didn't link, I would probably mind.

Thanks Darren for the Copyscape link. I'll give it a go.

Carter said...

Is any publicity really good publicity? I guess you're going to find out.

Melly said...

Only I can do without this publicity, Carter. I'm laughing at how ridiculous this is and I'm fuming because you can't even criticize porn without getting linked to by a porn site. I hope this quiets down quickly.