Friday, February 24, 2006

So I was thinking...
About Tammy Nyp, gloating, science, Canada and etiquette

Remember how I promised myself at some point to keep with pop-culture events but never could really fulfill my promise?

Well, there is one thing I do to keep with events - I look at Technorati top searches. For the past week or so, probably more, something called Tammy Nyp was the top search. Being me I naturally assumed Tammy is a model/actress I never heard of and I left it that. But then, Tammy Nyp kept dominating the top searches. I mean, even when Britney gave birth she didn't dominate the searches for more than two days. Not Tammy. So I had to find out.

You're all probably laughing at my late catch-up, but for those even 'later' than me, apparently Tammy Nyp is some home porn video of two students and that was released without their consent over the internet. Feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.

So now I got it; now I understood. People want to watch the video. That's why they keep searching. Porn and sex have always dominated our society and always will. Maybe I should just write porn...


Then I noticed quite a gloating around as Frey was apparently dropped by his publisher. Yes, it made the news all over.


Speaking of gloating and adult footage, "Google could be forced to change its image search service following a court ruling in the US."


There was also some news about Shakespeare's mask. Apparently "SOME nifty detective work on a little-known bust from London strongly suggests that a 17th-century death mask really is that of William Shakespeare."


I mentioned blogging etiquette only two days ago, but I failed to discuss gladiator etiquette. Yes, apparently "real gladiators stuck to strict rules of combat and did not resort to the savage violence and mutilation typical of battlefields of the era." They even had two referees who enforced the rules. Well, I'll be darned, if gladiators had rules...


So... diet, eh? Apparently, a good idea. More than diet - starvation. Yes, indeed. As was found recently "A hormone that triggers hunger might also improve memory and learning - the substance improved mental performance in mice by up to 40%." I knew there was a reason I kept fighting with my mom not to eat. Alas, she kept feeding me.


Sometimes I worry. About many different things. I worry about our sun getting cooler for example. This is why I was so excited when I saw this: Enormous laser beam produces artificial star, or this: Man-made star shines in the southern sky. But it was just for some optics reason. Exciting, but not as much.


And for all those paleontologist wannabe out there, those who write "ancient sci-fi," nothing would make you happier, especially if you're Canadian, than the discovery of a Jurassic "Beaver" - the largest early mammal. But unlike our nice, vegetarian, Canadian beaver, this early one was a carnivore and had a poisonous spur on its ankle.


Finally, I ask you, if our own Milky Way galaxy steals stars, then what hope do we have to teach our kids morals???

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Jennifer said...

Guess I'm just as out of it as you, cause I had no idea who this Tammy Nyp person was either :D

LadyP said...

Me too! I did a lot of reading blogs this morning. I found the best collection of posts via on Capital Region People and I've also read about a virus embedded in downloads of the Tammy tape. Serves them right!

Melly said...

Jennifer, thanks for not letting me be the only one :)

Ladyp, I had no idea. Thanks for the link and letting us know. I do hope this thing will settle itself eventually and resolve in some satisfying manner.

Deborah said...

I'm totally out of the porn loop. Shame on me!

Melly said...

Shame shame! ;)

Katey said...

I wonder when the nonsense will die down! By the way, you have a great blog! Sorry I had to find you via something unsavory!

Melly said...

Thank you Katey :) I do my best...

Sometimes it's these unsvoury things that make people come together, right?

rdl said...

wow melly that was quite a post!how much coffee did you have today?
feelin like even more of a slacker after reading that.

Melly said...

rdl, despite appearances, I assure you it was my regular one cup of morning coffee - LOL

I actually do this every day - you never know where story ideas can come from and scientific advancement or other news is the best source (for me).

rdl, you get a golden star for reading it all, I believe you were the only one :)