Saturday, March 11, 2006

Arizona-Utah Trip 2001 (I think)

Deborah keeps talking about her trip to Arizona and Sedona so I decided to give her just a little taste:

Grand Canyon

Monument Valley - can you believe it rained?!




Deborah said...

Thanks for sharing these with us, Melly. :) I forgot to mention that we'll be visiting Monument Valley. I've seen this park in many movies, but I'm sure the films didn't do it justice.

dog1net said...

Incredible pictures. . . When I drove to California last year, I made it a point to go through New Mexico and Arizona. I was not disappointed.

Melly said...

Deborah, you see, we have telepathy ;)
Both days we were at Monmuent Valley it rained - can you believe it??? But it made it special in its own the way, only the mud was heavy.

Scot, thanks :)
I have yet to go to New Mexico but hope to get there at some point too.