Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bloggy Miscellanea

I looked at changing my comments to HaloScan for two reasons:
1) To have a feed of the comments
2) To avoid that annoying Blogger word verification thingy
Switching to HaloScan, however, would present another problem: no email notification. Without email notification I'm bound to miss comments (especially the ones for my older posts) and I hate ignoring people.
So my questions:
1) Any preference?
2) Do you know of any other provider that might combine all features?

I have finally finished adding my blogroll to my Bloglines feeds. I did that because it was very hard for me to keep track of the blogs (Blogrolling doesn't work for me for some reason so I could never tell when a blog was updated). If I was quiet lately, this is why, and it will be rectified shortly.

I've received complaints about the lack of pics in my posts. A little more visual was demanded to accompany the text. I'll do my best but I can't promise because:
1) I don't like "stealing" copyrighted pictures
2) It takes time to look for an appropriate non-copyrighted picture
3) My visual sense isn't that good as it is so I never feel that I pick good pictures even when I go through the trouble

I think that was all.



FredCQ said...

The content of you blog is what brings me here. I can look at pretty pictures anywhere. You shouldn't add pictures if you don't want to. It's your blog!

Jean said...

I don't come here for the pictures either.

I don't have anything useful to offer on the comments dilemma. Before Blogger offered comments, I used Haloscan and loved them. You can scroll through the commments on your Haloscan site admin panel, and that might be a way to detect new ones--I don't remember if they have a sorting function to make that easier.

Benjamin Solah said...

I used haloscan when I had my old blogger blog, mainly because blogger didn't allow non-users to comment and you didn't have to enter your information everytime you comment. Though, knowing when someone commented was tough. And I believe they delete old comments after a while.

I've been using bloglines for a little while (it's intergrated with Firefox) and it's probably the best RSS tool about. Though, I have to finish adding all of the blogs from my blogroll.

For pics, try It's a site full of professional quality, royalty free photos to be used as you need them.

Paul Darcy said...

Hey Melly,

I used Haloscan for about a year on my old Blog, but you do have to go and check to see if you get new messages - which is a bit of a pain.

I switched to my own site now and am using WordPress which is soooo much better.

And pictures? Well, I like a few, at least one, with a post. Just kind of mixes it up a bit.

But, it is your Blog - a writer's blog, so writing is the draw.

Good luck.

Melly said...

Thanks Fred :)

Jean, I didn't know that. So maybe that's not too bad after all. I'll take another look. Thanks.

Benjamin, I'll definitely take a look at that pic site. I've been using Flickr so far.

Paul, I've heard WordPress is much better, but I've already started here so it seems like a real pain to move.

Jean said...

I love my WordPress. You can import the Blogger stuff, but I just linked from the blogger link and started fresh on my server with the WordPress. That was even easier. I link back to both my other blogs in the "Dormant/Infrequently Updated" section of my blogroll, so the history is still there.

rdl said...

I enjoy reading yr. blog and have never felt like it needed more pictures.
I'd like to add the blogrolling or bloglines feature, so i know when people post; but haven't been able to figure out how - you know how lame I am bout these things. so any help would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Melly said...

Jean, I might still be sold on wordpress... So many people have only good things to say about it.

Thank you very much, rdl.
As soon as I get better I'll try to help you again.