Saturday, October 01, 2005

Things I Find Interesting, Just the Facts

  • Uncovered Capote novel published
    An early novel written by Breakfast at Tiffany's author Truman Capote is to be published after being found last year.
  • Serenity

      From Salon
      Joss Whedon's unfairly canceled TV series "Firefly" comes to the big screen -- and marvelously. But for all its wit, it's just not the same.
      From Slate
      Joss Whedon
      Why he should stick to television.
  • Bird flu 'could kill 150m people'
    Experts fear birds will carry the virus across borders
    A flu pandemic could happen at any time and kill between 5-150 million people, a UN health official has warned.
  • List of top 100 intellectuals includes only 10 women
    Commenting on the list, writer David Herman criticises its strong male content, querying the whereabouts of the new generation of female intellectuals.
  • Solar Eclipse Oct. 3 for Europe, Asia, Africa
    If you plan to be anywhere in Europe, Africa or parts of western and southern Asia on Monday, Oct. 3, you will be treated to a solar eclipse.

  • An update about my pop-culture post: Some poor sod actually reached my post after searching "Paris Hilton" Pregnant. I can't imagine his/her disappointment when reading my views about pop-culture and realizing that any information about Paris Hilton's pregnancy is miles away from this blog.



    Lee Carlon said...

    I'm probably not qualified to comment as I only watched ten minutes of firefly, but there is something that just doesn't work about space cowboys to me. (I hope I'm right in saying the show was about space cowboys, that was the impression I got anyway, but it wasn't interesting enough to hold my attention) however the trailers for the movie make it look quite funny, so I might see that.

    Melly said...

    I was going to go see the movie tonight, but then decided it might be too busy. I'm going Wednesday and will tell you how it was. I'm pretty psyched about this.

    I know what you mean, but I'm still excited.