Saturday, October 01, 2005

Question About Writing Markets

I used to list writing markets (for freelance, short fiction, novels etc.) and writing contests here.

Would anyone be interested in this? Should I bring back this feature?

I don't mind doing this, I have an extensive DB, but at the same time I wouldn't want to waste my time if no one cares.

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Eric Mutta said...

Given your recent suggestion about the Neuron Phasing series, I know I'd be interested. If I am alone here, I can always contact you by email instead.

rdl said...

sounds good to me. I love contests.

Cavan said...

I generally use Ralan to search for markets, but if you know something they don't, then go for it.

Melly said...

I probably won't bring anything anyone doesn't already know, but looking at markets has become almost a hobby for me. I do it daily and sometimes come across interesting stuff.
I'll see how it goes then.
Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

If you take it down, what you could do is post all the links inside of one post so it is there, and someone could alwyas find it. I am still needing to look through them for help.

Karen Lee Field said...

Lance's idea is an excellent one - having all the links in the one (or few posts) and then you can place a link in the side bar for easy access.

I know I'd be interested.

Melly said...

Thanks Lance and Karen. It's a good idea only requires more work.
I'll have to see what's the easiest and best way to do this.