Sunday, October 02, 2005

Movie Stars As My Characters

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This was Cavan's question: What would be your Dream Cast?
That is, what actors would you choose to play the characters in your novel?

I bet Cavan had no idea how much time I needed to think about it.

Not being very visual, this question took me places I wasn't familiar with. I had the big picture in my head but not the details. I knew how I want my characters to look in general, or I had a specific thing in mind, like big nose or large breasts, but not everything.

Also, the big difference was that I find film stars to look unreal, very plasticky, if you know what I mean.

Even after a long hard thought, I wasn't successful.
Here are my (incomplete) choices:

The gals:
- Protagonist - Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell from the show Charmed). Holly is one of the most natural beauties I've seen on TV or on the big screen. She's also not impossibly skinny. She looks normal.
- Secondary heroine - Renée Zellweger - both my heroine and Rene are hotties. Need a blond too.
- Minor female characters - Tina Majorino who can play the geek well, Emily Perkins who can be my disturbed smart dyke, and I still need to think of one more.

The guys -
- Antagonist - Chris Martin (another pic), vocalist of Coldplay. He's good-looking enough without being Brad Pitt. (When I was looking for a picture I found out he's married to Gwyneth Paltrow and that they have a kid - pop-culture trivia.)

- Actually, I couldn't come up with any movie stars for the rest of my guy crew. They're all too pretty. I need a good-looking guy with a pronounced nose for example. The only guys I can think of are rock stars, not movie stars. Rock stars tend to look more real. I'd have Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain (we are talking fantasy here, right?) and Eddie Vedder just to complete the grunge trio. So Cornell can be the Don Juan, Kurt can be the lover, and Eddie the disturbed smart guy.

This was a very good exercise for me. Recommended.

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Cavan said...

Woo! Someone did my meme! Interesting choices.

Melly said...

It was in my head ever since I read it on your blog, mister. You have no idea what you've done :)

Yeah, both my problems of not being a visual person and thinking that movie stars don't look like real people made it real hard.

Pat Kirby said...

Actually ran into that meme via BlogExplosion. Didn't do it on my blog...because..., book one isn't published yet and all that...

But, it's Monday and I'm too fried to update my own blog. Self-involved commenting ensues:

Protagonist: Jennifer Connolly.
Protagonist's rent shirking, vampire roommate: Jensen Ackles or a young James Spader
The obligatory love interest: A slightly younger, Hugh Jackman. (Had to get Hugh in there somewhere.)
Protagonist's best friend: Difficult, because he's a dark elf. Adrien Brody makes me think of this character's features. But one would have to paint him dark brown and give him blue contacts.

Antagonist (book one): Sara Gilbert
Antagonist (book two): Aidan Gillan.

Yeah, well, you asked. :)

Melly said...

No fair! I didn't know we could do younger version. But then again, I put a dead guy in there ;)

Hugh Jackman. I totally forgot about him. But I'll take him in a rough outfit like in x-men.

And Adrien Brody could totally work for my pronounced nose guy. But I need him fairer.

Blue contacts - no problem. I actually used to do just that on movie sets in my youths.

Awesome choices though. Looks like you're looking for the "normal" looking people too.