Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Banner / Header

To those of you who don't know me much I should mention that I'm really graphically challenged, so creating this banner (or header, how do you call this?) was a real feat for me. Pat on the shoulder.

I hope it appeals to your delicate sense of art... blah blah... I hope you like it. Please tell me and be honest.

More important than the artistic merits of the banner itself is how it loads on different systems. Or maybe it's not more important.
In any event, if anyone encounters any problems could you please tell me?

Thanks in advance.

BTW - the pics are of an Atlantic Ocean beach in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.



Anonymous said...

Nice banner!

I'm graphically challenged like you are. Just last night, I was trying to "design my banner" -- yeah, right -- using MS Photoshop (or something like that), but in vain. I wonder, how did you manage to make your own banner?

Melly said...

I was afraid someone would ask that because being who I am I don't have any "real" graphical software. I used MS Pain. Cringe. I know, I know. Don't laugh.
I used 'Edit->Copy From' to load the pics and then made them small with 'Image->Stretch' and of course moved things around etc.

Thanks sor stopping by Jayred and thanks for saying my banner's nice :)

Cavan said...

Pretty impressive for MS Paint, I'd say. I'm graphically challenged myself but, fortunately, I have Photoshop and, thus, the ability to fake it.

Melly said...

Cavan, you're here :)

Really? You think it's impressive?
You should see the stupid smile I've got on my face now. Or maybe no one should ever see that smile...

Pat Kirby said...

Um, I'm running Firefox 1.0.4 and it loaded fine. I'm also using a crappy dialup and the load time wasn't slow.

My wonky banner was created in Photoshop and takes too bloody long to load, so you've outdone me.

Anyhoo, it looks nice.

Melly said...


Thanks Pat.

elcapitanhink said...

Well, I think it's cool. I am partial to the ocean tho, so I migh tbe biased.

Melly said...

Josh, I'm so glad you think it's cool. I do love the ocean.
Thanks so much for visiting.

Lee Carlon said...

Hi Melly,

I tried to post here earlier but the window wouldn't open. The banner looks great, much better than the blogspot template.
I made my banner with the software that came with my scanner, I've haven't gotten around to playing with graphics programs, but I hope too, real soon.

Melly said...

Yay! Thanks, Lee. I thought that having a more unique look would be a good idea. As long as it doesn't look like a four-year-old made it (which is what happens each time I draw something) then I'm happy. And if you like it, then even better :)

I always thought your blog looks great. I love the three column layout.