Monday, June 13, 2005

Graphically Challenged

I just had the laugh of my life.

Apparently, my blog is ranked first (that is number one, numero uno) in the Writing/Publishing category of the Top Blogs directory.
This fact isn't funny, quite the opposite. What is funny is that I don't have a banner, so they "gave" me one, as you can very well see below.

Now this is just too funny, and I can't get over it. It is well known amongst my circle of family and friends that any four-year-old can draw better than I could ever dream of. Now, how did Top Blogs know that?

All I have left to do is to say -

            Thank You!


Anonymous said...

LOL Melly. But congrats on your number one ranking!

Melly said...

Thanks :)

I have no idea what they base their ranking on. But I'll take it.

Patry Francis said...

It doesn't matter what they base their rankings on. You deserve to win! Congrats!

Melly said...

Oh, I'm blushing.
Thanks Patry.