Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Writing and Jetlag

Writing and jetlag don't mix.

I had a night flight on Monday which was delayed by two hours, then the flight time itself was nearly 12 hours, and then (after passport control and luggage pick-up and all that) I had another two hour drive. I finally arrived at my destination Tuesday night.

I was fine most of the of the day today, but couldn't really concentrate. On anything. Not only on writing, but on other things as well. All I did today was to sit and look at some far away, unidentified point. I hope I wasn't rude to anyone and answered people when they talked to me. I won't even pretend I carried on any kind of conversation.

It is nearly 11 at night here, so I guess I'll pack it in.

Must remember to spell check first if I can retain my concentration for the next three minutes.

Hope to be back in full form tomorrow.

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