Friday, June 17, 2005

All Kinds of Writing Blogs

As a blogger, I felt it was time to review some of my favourite writing blogs. They're all so different and give such a unique perspective on the world of writing.

The order in which I put them down doesn't imply anything:

In Writer's Blog, Easywriter shares with us her amazingly descriptive writing. Snippets, thoughts and excerpts written in a beautiful and tantalizing language. She has a way of capturing and conveying the feel of the moment as she does describing a city in the summer in June City, or memories of her grandmother in Dear Diary, or a rainy day in Rain Again Today, where her writing reminded the readers of Bradbury's Something Wicked this Way Comes. Easywriter's longer posts are a well of insightful, sometimes dark, sometimes experimental, but always beautiful pieces of writing, and always worth your time.

Another one of my favourites is Patry Francis' blogs. She has two blogs that I read. Very different from Easywriter, Patry Francis doesn't put much of her writings in her blogs,but writes more about reading and the writing life. I'm Not Really A Waitress, one of the most visited blogs in Publishers Marketplace, and The Marvelous Garden, are blogs in which she shares with us her "double life" as a waitress and writer, the struggles, the conflicts, the frustration. All in a very light manner, easy to read and funny way. Many interesting stuff for readers and for writers. Recommended.

And a bit more from the reader's perspective perhaps, McVane's blog is a delight. Dealing more with the Romance genre, McVane's blog is filled with reader interviews, personal posts, and other things related to Romance books. Just a whole lot of a fun read.


Patry Francis said...

Melly, you just made my day. Thanks for the nice remarks.

Melly said...

Any time :)

Anonymous said...

Melly I'm so slow...I apologize for not realizing you had complimented me in this manner earlier. Thank you from my heart.

See you soon :o)

Melly said...

Hey easywriter, no sweat. Please.
I wrote what I did because it's true, not because I expected thanks :)

And you're most welcome.