Saturday, June 18, 2005

Today's (and yesterday's and the day before's) Market

When I started Today's Market I really intended to post a market a day. I have an abundance of markets in my database, more than enough to cover a couple of years. And when I say markets, I mean paying markets. Some more, some less, of course.

But things stood in the way, and sometimes I just felt like writing about other things than just give out links to existing guidelines on the web. So I haven't been posting a market a day despite good intentions.

I will try to be more consistent, because I think it's good on a number of different levels. For now, please accept my apologies and these following markets:

  • Pockets - Children's short fiction and non-fiction
    Designed for 6- to 12-year-olds, Pockets magazine offers wholesome devotional readings that teach about God's love and presence in life.
    Writer Guidelines
  • Queen's Quarterly - Articles, reviews, short stories and poetry
    Queen's Quarterly is a multidisciplinary journal aimed at the general educated reader.
    Submission Guidelines

  • CIO Magazine - Articles for IT executives
    Our editorial mission is to address the issues vital to the success of IT in the contemporary business environment.
    Writer's Guidelines

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