Monday, December 08, 2008

Guns for food -- at least one good thing may come out of this recession

So it's like this: Seems Americans have devised a plan, Gifts for Guns, starting in 2005 where around this time of year they can actually exchange their guns for gift cards.

While in previous years the chosen gift cards were for Best Buy and Target, this year, because of the recession, it's for food stores.

Anyone who just could never fathom this American mantra of "right to bear arms" protected by that second amendment, probably also shakes his head when reading about this program.

Sure, in essence it's a good thing to get guns off the street, but somehow there's something fundamentally off about this program that really bothers me. Maybe it's that little thing called dignity, I don't know.

So while I definitely applaud such goals as aiming to have less weapons in private hands, and even appreciate that this program actually proves to get results, I can't help but hope for a much more fundamental change in views and concepts one day.

For now, it seems, the recession and the need for food -- I wonder if the right to eat is protected by any amendment -- has brought in a record number of guns. At least that.

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Cavan said...

On the other hand, now we have to watch out for the arthritic shooting people:

Melly said...

This is so nuts my reaction was to laugh... Go figure.