Tuesday, December 09, 2008

About word counts (oh, and ze blog)

I know I've deviated lately from the main topic of this blog -- writing. At least, that's what the topic used to be once upon a time, about two years ago, when it was still an active blog.

Then the war happened and I was outed and I had a hard time returning to blogging. Seems lately, though, I've been back blogging a little after all. Only I don't feel like blogging just about writing all the time. So I won't. My blog, my say.

But this post is about writing.

I participated in NaNoWriMo this year. I knew I'd likely fail, but I knew it would give me an extra incentive to write anyways. So I joined, and yes, I "failed" but I don't count it as failing. I wrote over 12,000 words during November. I think that's not too shabby at all.

You know I'm also an editor at BloggingStocks, right? So I have a running word count on the system there. To date, I wrote 991,557 words over two years and half. That's nearly ten standard size novels. In two and half years. If you do the math, that's just over 1,000 words a day. Every day.

Since no one is expecting anyone to write 10 novels in two and half years -- that's about seven and half novels too many -- then do the new math and you get that by writing only 274 words a day you get 100,000 words a year. A novel.

Point: Anyone discounting any amount of words written is doing injustice to herself. Anyone thinking a goal of just 200 words a day would get him nowhere is dead wrong. It adds up. Don't argue with the math!

Or, in the words of one Insane Writer: Writing: It’s All About the Numbers.

I know I get discouraged sometimes when all I can manage is a measly 150 words, so I guess I'm writing this more for myself following my undisputed, gynormous failure in NaNo...

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Cavan said...

We're pretty much the same person. Creepy.

I just got back to blogging, too. But it's not going to exclusively be about writing anymore, either. Mostly because I just don't write that much anymore.

I'm trying to motivate myself with a 250 word goal per day. That's still a short story or two every month. I just have to outline a story worth telling.

Anonymous said...

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Melly said...

That's funny, Cavan. Is it the Canadian winter getting to us? :)

Ever since NaNo ended I've been slacking a bit, but I think I'd definitely get back to similar goal. Thing is, if I do write, usually once I get started I almost always get passed my goal. And that's a great feeling,

OpaqueSkies said...

Prior to my nine day trip to India which butted up to Thanksgiving/Christmas prep, I blogged about everyday t-f. This was in large part accomplished with the help of scheduled posts. I have backed off a bit. While I do appreciate my immediately gratifying place to post, I think sometimes the creative effort there does pull from creative effort/energy I could be putting towards other areas of writing.

While I am about to start a writing project, it will be interesting to see if I want to maintain my blogging.

rdl said...

Write about anything or nothing at all. Just glad to see you back.

rdl said...

I've missed you. Write on, it's all good.