Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First Writing Session Tomorrow!

Well, response to my latest post has been quite positive. Nienke had posted on her blog too with similar response. Seems like we're all struggling with the same problem - discipline.

So I went ahead and started a public Google Group: Writing Session.
I think that means anyone can join, but let me know if you have difficulties.

Also, I scheduled the first session for tomorrow, Thursday October 26 at 8:30 Eastern.

If you're interested, go join the group and see more on your only responsibilities:
- Post goal
- Write for an hour
- Post achievement

I will try to aggregate the results after the session and publish them.

I hope you join and have fun.

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redchurch said...

I'm signed up. Can the Google Group thing send a reminder or alert?

Melly said...

I'm not sure, but perhaps I can send a reminder.
When should it be sent, you think?

Therese said...

I'm all signed up! See ya'll at 8:30.

redchurch said...

I'll probably remember, but if it becomes a regular thing it might be nice to have a reminder like 2 hours before. About the last hour of work, and just before I leave the office, and getting home for dinner - catching a bit of TV, that's where I often lose a lot of time and forget things. That sort of decompression space that allows you to soak the scatterbrain. I just know I forget things during that time. ;)

Rose said...

That's sounds interesting! Many blessings to all of you!

Patry Francis said...

Going to sign up now. What a cool idea!

Jennifer said...

This is what I get for not checking my blogs yesterday! Completely missed the session, though I was actually home and writing! Deadline today! End of semester! YES I do need a moment to breath :)

Melly said...

Therese, Eric - sure was nice to see you :)

Rose, thank you.

Patry, that'd be cool. Although I must admit it surprises me that you need discipline too :)

Jennifer, there's always next time...s