Sunday, October 22, 2006

Discipline, again and again, but Melly and Nienke have a suggestion

I have an idea.
Actually, I came by the idea due to a good friend whom most of you know. Nienke from The Writing Life told me the other day, "Let's do a writing war. Let's meet and write. This way we would simply have to," she said.
So we did. We met online, clocked the time, and after an hour we said - how did it go?
She made some serious advance in her outline; I had written 1,036 words!
We were ecstatic.

So I was thinking... Most writers often complain about lack of discipline. Why not try and inject some discipline into us?

Here's the idea:
Nienke or I will set up a group in, say, Google or Yahoo! or something.
We won't talk about writing in the group, but we'd write.

Here's how I think it might work:
- We'll "meet" twice a week at set times, let's say (this can all change). For example: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET.
- Before 9, all participants will post their goal for the hour-long-session. Examples:
  • - My goal is to write 500 words.
  • - My goal is to finish chapter 4, or that complicated fighting scene
  • - My goal is to work on the outline for chapters 11-20.
  • - My goal is to find a market for my latest short story and submit.
You see, very specific goal.

- Then, at 9:00, I'll sound the bell and everybody would start working.
- The session will be an hour-long and at 10:00 I'll sound the closing bell. Of course, you can continue working.
- After the session has closed, all participants will send me a quantifiable success rate. 0%-100% of goal accomplished. No reasons, no excuses. Just goal and success rate.
- I'll compile the results and either post it here on our blogs, or in the group.

So what do you think?
Is that an idea that's already been done somewhere?
Is it completely retarded?

If you think it is a good idea, then tell us if you would like to participate and what would be good times for you.

If we get a move on it, we might be able to have it ready for NaNo.

Now it's up to you.



Nienke said...

Magnificent idea, Melly!
You know I'm already in! Let's kick some writing butt!

redchurch said...

Sounds like a good way of harnessing the community effect outside of NaNo, the other 11 months of the year. :)

Good thinking!

jillypoet said...

I would really, really like to do this! I found you via i don't know how many blog links, but I'm glad I did! I am usually online, blogging or reading blogs at 9pm, so writing for an hour would be good, good, good, for me! I have signed up for NaNoWriMo (write a novel in a month), so I'll need discipline! Please keep me posted!

jillypoet said...

Ah, if only I read your whole post, i would've known you, too, are NaNo-ing!

Jennifer said...

Sounds interesting. I'm never around inthe evenings, but if I'm around when we do it I'll participate.


Cavan said...

Ooh - count me in. Well, not at Thursdays at 9 - I have to watch Grey's Anatomy (yeah, yeah, I'm on the bandwagon, leave me alone).

Michelle said...

I like it! I don't have a local writing group to keep me motivated. I'd love to join in.

fred charles said...

It sounds like a good idea. I had a similar idea of getting everyones chat IDs so that we could meet online for support.

desert rat said...

I agree, excellent idea! I'm new here and new to NaNo this year too. Anything that could help maintain momentum would be great. I've been writing mostly in the morning lately (EDT).

Melly said...

Hey everybody,
Thanks for the interest. Please see new post for details.

Jennifer and Desert Rat, sorry about the time, but maybe you can join on occasion, or find others with times that generally matches yours.

Cavan, never hear of Tivo??? :) Or VCRs?

Fred (great minds... :), Eric, Michelle, Jillypoet - hope to see you there if this appeals to you.

Nienke, you have no excuse really :)

redchurch said...

Reminds me of my CoolTimer sessions a little. It's a neat timer app... set it for however long you want and GO!

But no no, I'm signed up and ready to go if I don't go all absent-minded.

Melly said...

Yay Eric !

Therese said...

Oh, sounds like an awesome idea! And the timing for NaNo is perfect. Where do I sign up?

Melissa said...

great idea! i hope i could join too. :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

Sounds like a great idea to me! Good way to get a flame burning on a given evening, and share the excitement!