Monday, August 07, 2006

Rockets and missiles attacks on me

I tried to explain in the previous two posts how difficult Saturday and Sunday were for me. And since I'm only human I was mad as hell.

I was trying to keep my emotional responses in check because this is exactly the time when I must control them rather than succumbing to some kneejerk reaction. So I took a step back, a deep breath, and tried to think clearly before posting. As clear as I could see with the smoke stacks around me (the ones caused by the rockets of course).

I know you can feel the anger from my words. And I'm angry at so many things. But mostly I'm angry at the so many dead this war has claimed and keeps claiming.

Since Thursday, Hezbollah increased rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities to over 200 (about 200-250) a day (!), killing many each day. To the joy of many around the world, I must add.

In any event, since I'm still trying to exercise control (is it working?), I'll just bring you videos of a few attacks. Of course, it's nothing compared to the damage in Nahariya and other northern cities and towns. Parts of Kiryat Shmona, for example, have been nearly leveled.

With over 200 rockets a day (and over 3,000 fired on northern Israel towns since the beginning of the war), these videos are just a sampler:

It may seem to those watching the videos and not knowing much about Israel and Israeli culture that people seem indifferent (as opposed to screaming and whining). Well, they're not. They just react to it in a different way than perhaps others would due to years of living under constant threats.


rdl said...

I really don't know how you can bear it; please,please stay safe. any chance of leaving til it stops. I know i'm a broken record, sorry. just wish you would all leave for someplace safe.

jmk said...

oh my heart!! I have to say i surely dont join in the "joy". I want it to stop.. Hold on and pray for peace.

So_Far said...

Terror always create the same hot busrt inside a human. The expressions may differ but the feeling is the same. The loss also costs the same no matter side, religion, nation.

Mousie said...

hold on love, take care of yourself, I read your post and I read the post of a friend in Israel trying to entertain her chidren in the bomb shelter...
We love you both
let's hope this madness will end soon

Edie said...

I have a difficult time understanding how anyone could be experiencing 'joy' from this. What I do understand is your anger over the loss of lives and livelihood. I often wonder when governments will learn that violence breads violence…seems a simple enough concept…there must be a better way to deal with differences…where’s the government ‘Intelligence?’

To be certain, I also understand what you mean about the people not being indifferent but possibly seeming so. When I first moved to a certain area and there would be tornado sightings…I’d pack up my baby and move to my safe place in the basement where I’d have blankets, pillows, baby supplies, first aid supplies, supplies, supplies, supplies…natives to the area would sit out on their porch and watch the weather. I was laughed at. I didn’t understand them / they didn’t understand me. On my part it was inexperience and fear so I did what main-stream said one should do when there were such warnings. The native’s response had nothing to do with indifference and everything to do with experience. I don’t judge. I don’t have enough experience or knowledge.

Continue to be safe. For my peace-of-mind, I need to say continue this blog only if it is absolutely safe to do so. I sometimes worry about my early plea for you to keep us informed so we don’t worry…the heck with that…a little worry won’t kill us.

Positive regards
& yes, prayers too.