Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can't think clearly

I actually prepared a comic relief post but just as I was about to post it, the news that 15 Israeli soldiers died today came out.

Rumors have been flying all day long, but I wished it not true. It didn't wish hard enough. I'm going to bed now with a heavy heart.

So instead, here are pictures a friend sent me from the rocket that fell in the beginning of the week near my parents' place, the barrage that made me need a breather.

By some bizarre crazy lucky coincidence, the rocket exploded in the ground, not when it hit the ground.

Anyways, going back north tomorrow. Will post more then, when I have nothing else to do except becoming a sitting duck again...

Gosh, I wish this to stop. I miss my husband and I want to feel normal again.


jmk said...

i have a heavy heart worring about you and your family and the others there just waiting, waiting for it to stop. It burns inside.. I know certainly that i cant convince you to not go back, or to just come back home, but i wish i could. ANd that you could bring your family... Your scarring me. Please be safe as you can possibly be. I thank you for your blogging because as hard as it is, i still think it better for some of us at least to 'feel' some of the reality. Thank you for that, and i pray for you all.

hubby's bro said...

we watched Spielberg's "Munich" over the weekend.

Underlying motif to the movie was we kill the killers, they just find replacements for the killers. Do we kill the replacements then? When does it end?

Interesting film on events that still resonates unto today.

The story may change, but the theme always seems to remain. The more things change... etc. etc.

Until this story finds its closure, please keep yourself safe. Hopes and prayers that your family keeps safe.

There is family on this side of the ocean that cant wait for your return - not to mention a return to normalcy as well.

hubby's bro

Nienke said...

What makes me sad too are all the people who live in such chaos full-time. What must the concept of peace mean to them? How can children who grow up in such an environment ever really find peace and security?

Karen Lee Field said...

I can even pretend to imagine what it must be like for you, Melly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take care.