Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bracing for tomorrow

In an hour and half the cease fire will be over.

I cannot help but wonder what tomorrow holds for us, or even tonight. We moved a sofabed into the living room and all three of us now sleep in the living room together (there's another couch there), as it's the inner most room in the apartment. For whatever good that would do.

I'm expecting a difficult day tomorrow as I'm sure Hezbollah will hit us hard, compensating for the two days cease fire. We can actually almost feel the tension in the air. I can't explain it. It's like we know.

There have been heavy ground fighting in Lebanon today and three soldiers are dead.

There have also been heavy chopper traffic this evening (still) and I think I know what it means, only I don't want to speculate needlessly here. People are on edge as it is.

I saw the fleeing Lebanese on the news today and these were difficult pictures to see. I still haven't cried despite everything I've been through and the difficult reports from Lebanon. I can't afford to. I already stress people out too much with my over rationale at times. But that's how I deal with it. So no one needs to see me cry, that's for sure.

I doubt, for example, that my sister will ever come visit my parents again as I mentioned that I think that any place we choose to hide from the rockets is doomed and I listed the reasons: Under the stairs - too close to some gas tanks and too open. At home - too northern. In the stair way - too open and too northern. Options? To leave again. And I'm all for that if my family joins me. Not going to happen.
And if you read this, sis, I'm sorry.

Why can't anyone stop this madness already?

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Therese Walsh said...

Melly, we're all worried for you and your family--and for everyone. Please stay safe. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

rdl said...

I wish you could convice them to go to higher ground(? Tel Aviv) until the fighting stops. I don't know how you can live like this; it's just too stressful - nerve wracking - just reading about it. Stray safe!

Edie said...

I can't say that i understand why your parents want to stay. My heart goes out to your mother b/c my impression is that she's quite scared. But i also can't claim to understand what it'd be like to be in their situation. Like i've said, the closest thing to something like a war scene that i've been a party to was a horrible traffic accident. I can’t even wrap my mind around what you’re living through/what your parents are living through…I can only have empathy, wish for your safety, and like you…hold on to faith
Be well/be safe & know you are the thoughts of many.

So_Far said...

Good morning from Athens, Greece. I read about your blog in one Greek newspaper on last Sunday. This newspaper is one of the biggest in circulation in Greece. In this article it had a piece of your blog. So I visit you today to say a good morning and tell you to try to be safe you and your family wishing all this madness to end soon. I have not understood who is correct and who is not, in this war. I think that war consists only of: victims, dead people, destroyed lives. In Greek television we watch both sides, the pictures are full of terror and horror. Is there any chance to stop this without victims? I watched some soldiers of your army, they are 20 years old boys. So young, it's a pity. They have mothers, fathers, friends, a lifo to live instead of go there and may be killed or injured. On the other side, the Lebanese are leaving their homes , many kids are dead ( after Cana ), you thing that ahead steals lives both sides. I hope it will stop soon and the people of this place will live in peace for ever....

Keep faith on , I will write again

Melly said...

Therese, rdl, Edie - thank you so much. I've been thinking of trying to better explain why we're not leaving, maybe I'll tackle it in a post soon.

So_far, thank you so much. Your words touch us all I believe.