Friday, July 21, 2006

Explosions are closer than ever

After 36 hours of no explosions around here (but in other parts of the north), and 24 hours of no siren, there were just two sirens in the span of an hour with explosions closer than ever.

I'm shaken. Very.

I actually prepared photos for you to demonstrate how we live, but maybe for a later post.

I also went to visit my sister earlier. She returned home after two days of retreat in the south. She lives in a top floor of a high rise in a north-facing apartment. Scary stuff. Just as my brother-in-law drove me home, the first siren of the day went off and we didn't even hear it in the car. I walked to my parents house, nonchalant, when I noticed my parnts huddled under the stairs. Imagine my surprise.

Haifa was hit and there were many casualties.

Not an hour went by and another siren went off and this time I not only heard the explosions, but felt them too.

We are now preparing lunch even though none of us has any appetite. Something to do. But it's scary being in the kitchen. Facing north directly. I keep herding my parents into the living room that is somewhat more inner.

I'll post more later.

Two things: I'm sorry I don't respond to all teh comments. I read them all and appreciate them very much. You do give me strength.
Also, I apologize if my wiritng is appaling of late. I guess this doesn't make for good writing...

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Nienke said...

Don't worry about spelling and stuff, Melly. This shows how if the "story" is good, the rules don't matter. I'm on the edge of my seat reading your posts and I'm thinking about you a lot.
No doubt you know about all the Canadian government organizing and paying for the exodus of Canadians from there. Well, every time I hear one of them complain about how "bad" the amenities were on the boat or how long they had to wait, etc., I think of you. Canadians can be such complainers.
You are very brave to be with your family and I admire that. I also respect that you don't complain.

Marcail said...

Keep it flowing, Melly. Writing is an excellent cathartic and you can sure use the release. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

What you're doing here is so important, Melly. Putting a human face and human emotion on these conflicts helps to teach us why we (all people) should never resort to war. Unfortunately, unlike so many other things, it only takes one to fight. The choice of one can bring down all of us.

Anonymous said...

I hope a bomb drops on you, so you know what is like to be a third world country person everyday.

Edie said...


I’m glad to have found you but sorry that your circumstances became so devastating by the time I returned and was able to leave comments. You and your family are in the hearts and minds of many people around the world—those you hear from and those who hear from us. I continue to visualize and send positive energy. Please write when you can, even if just a line.


Anonymous said...

You people in your perfect little countries with a lot of fancy stuff, food and entertainment, you need to export goodwill and take care of poor people in other countries if you want to continue to live, otherwise we are gonna get mad and start to do some crazy sh*t.

John C. said...

Stick it out Melly. I lived on a kibbutz during Gulf War 1 and stayed for the gas masks, air raid sirens and so on when others were leaving. Made me a stronger person.

I wrote an essay about it on my site if you're interested.


Edie said...


you hurt many people with such comment but mostly you hurt and suppress yourself

sad for you

Erin said...

I keep reading, but I'm generally at a total loss as to what to say. I cannot imagine, it's beyond my padded-protected-American-life-living imagination.

I'm ashamed and heartbroken as I watch this all happen.

And I'm absolutely certain that grammar/spelling/proofreading/editing are NOT pre-requisites of wartime writing.

I started to say, "be safe" but it sounds so ridiculously inadequate...

Anonymous said...

In reading your previous posts, I'm blown away at how quickly a life could change- just a couple weeks ago you were blogging about Blogger Hacks, Juicy Behinds and the World that seems so long ago.

Melly-please stay safe (a trip down south might be "smart"). Blogging about your experience is important, but I would be happier to know you're out of the line of fire.


B2 said...

I wish you well in this difficult time -- our thoughts are with you and all of Israel.

Anonymous said...

B2- your thoughts are with ISRAEL?? Israel is the instigator of this!

God Damn it you people (Israelis) are setting the world on fire...

Israelis live on land that is not theirs, waging a war with guns that were given to them against a people who have basically nothing.




Melly said...

Nienke, Marcail, Jason - thank you so much. Sometimes, thinking of how I'll post my experience helps me stay brave.

Edie and John, you are most kind.

Erin, I guess I felt somewhat similar reading about all that you've been through the past year. I followed every single detail but was never sure what to say.

Oz, well said about smart. Got me there :) thanks.

b2 - thanks.

As for negative/overly political comments - I'm trying to keep this blogging experience personal and stay away from politics. I'd appreciate if your comments remain on the same level. Although I guess the first anon comment wishing a bomb to drop on me was kinda personal... :)

Deborah said...

I'm with Oz on getting out of there. But I can also understand why you and your family want to stay.

I also agree with Jason in the importance of what you're doing by chronicling this. Our medias and governments like to water down the truth. I'm so sorry that you're going through this hell, and I hope this ends soon.

By the way, I thought your post on being smart was excellent. We're all too stubborn for our own good sometimes.

Nienke said...

Hey Melly:
Keep it coming! Don't worry about the negative comments. If they are anonymous, they can't be personal. There are a lot better, more productive places for someone to get their frustrations out than right here, right now.
Your family is blessed to have you with them.

Melly said...

Deborah, thank you so much.

Nienke, thank you. You and everyone else give me courage to continue. Trolls do scare me as I'm in too emotional a state to handle it.

Kielib said...

Your strenght on the face of living with war in your home and worrying about your loved ones is admirable.
Please keep on bloging as it helps us understand what is going on.
Our prayers are with you and your family through this crisis & I hope we find a solution soon.

Kielib said...

Your comments verify for all of us in the civilized & enlightened world that this truly is a war between the civilized & enlightened world and the world of darkness. Good vs. evil.
Shame on you!!!

Melly said...

Kielib, thank you for your support.
Please don't worry about anonymous comments. I don't want to further such political debate. And really, they can say what they want.