Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Don't be right, be smart!

When I first started to learn how to drive, my dad told me - on the road, don't be right, be smart! Meaning, just because it's my right of way, it doesn't mean the speeding car heading the other direction will know it's my right of way. And if a collision happens, the fact that I was right (other than for insurance purposes) means nothing if people are physically injured. Agreed?

When I got married, my mom told me the same thing - don't be right with your husband, be smart! Naturally, he'll forget the same thing for the 100th time, and sure I'm right, but is the ensuing fight worth it? Are there ways to achieve what I want, or to talk to him in a way he relates to, that are smarter than simply always stating that I'm right? But of course there are.

I must say that I follow the first example, but have a harder time with the second. The self righteousness tends to rear its head more than I want.

What am I talking about? The Middle East of course. What, it wasn't obvious?

When it comes to the Middle East, who's right has become the paramount question unfortunately. Self-righteousness has been leading events, affairs, public opinion, and most importantly, policies. All sides have been equally plagued with stupid self-righteousness. All sides have been stupid!
(And please don't make the mistake of thinking there are only two sides, there are nearly as many sides as there are people...)

I hope people will smarten up and realize peace is the only smart thing to do!

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Erin said...

If only the policy makers could see it this way.

Melly said...

If only...
Wouldn't you think they'd be more rational about things since they are supposed to be the leaders?
Alas, no.
Thanks Erin.

redchurch said...

"Don't be right, be smart." - That's great advice Mel.

Especially when you feel the tug of the moral kneejerk reaction. There's too much righteous indignation in the world. A little self-control & restraint is always good.

I feel that's true for both writing and life.

Melly said...

Eric, it's very easy to get carried away with emotional stuff. I try to always keep a clear head. Emotions just get in the way.