Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why I didn't/couldn't write yesterday

I had quite the week talking about writing here so I'm going to turn personal just for a sec.

Thursday was one of the worst days I've had in a while. I've fought with just about any person I know, was quite b**chy to a few and selected close and beloved people and made several mistakes I hope to live down one day, eventually.

After all that I was promised a well deserved road trip on Saturday. Well, at least that's how hubby sold me on it.

You see, hubby has this little obsession about stereo equipment, the two-channel kind to those who know a thing or two about it. Yesterday he agreed to meet a guy in Port Huron to exchange amplifiers. Port Huron is just about three hours from TO. He didn't want to drive alone so he tried to make it sound like a fun road trip. I didn't buy it, but went along.

It was a gorgeous day - 34c (93F) - with the sun shining bright and well needed vitamin D in the air. Never mind that our back-yard looks like a jungle, our front-yard like a desert, the floor hasn't been washed in oh-so-many weeks, the eaves need cleaning, etc. Never mind all that, we left everything and started driving.

Around London I believe we took a detour and went to one of the best beaches I've been to. Some lying in the sun, a beer and a lunch and we drove straight across the border (after half an wait at the border of course where hubby tried to explain the purpose of our trip - we're just meeting a guy at the Tim Hortons' to swap amlifiers. I think the border "cop" was rolling his eyes after we left, I couldn't stop laughing).

Then another crazy thing happened after we had our coffees. In the Tim Hortons' parking lot, the Michiganer (what a nice guy btw) and hubby took the amps out of their boxes and examined them. You have to understand what these things look like. The amp hubby got from the American is a tube amp, meaning it looks like something out of old sci-fi movies where electrical components and computers have tubes that light up. The whole time I pretended not to have anything to do with these two weirdos btw.

Now we had to cross the border back with a tube amp. The little girl there, couldn't have been more than 22, got the same story as the US border guy. I must say she stood her ground pretty well and didn't forget to ask the most important question of all - Did you bring any alcohol or tobacco over? I could scream at her. I mean, this question seems to always be the most important one. Guns? Oh, don't worry about that as long as you're not bringing a Miller six-pack and a Marlboro.

On the way back we stopped at Paris, enjoying all the jokes we could about it. A dinner on a river-side patio and we were set. 12 hours later of which 6.5 hours were spent in the car, we got home. But you know what - it was a great day. I had so much fun.

(I took pictures but seems the card is corrupt :(

My lesson: it's important to indulge your partner/spouse's passions/crazes/hobbies. I do with his stereophile obsession and he puts up with my travels.
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Anonymous said...

Never mind all those small details - how does the bloody thing sound? I mean, an amp like that is worth at least a 2-day road trip (including sleeping in the car)!

M. Noo

Melly said...

I'd say, don't push your luck, hon :)

Yesterday was awesome and the amp really rocks (especially if you want to mellow out), but I won't sleep in the car for it. Forget it!

Deborah said...

There must have been a full moon out there because I was b*tchy both Thursday and Friday. Not sure why.

I hope you were able to smooth things over with your loved ones. It sounds like you and your hubby had a great time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Melly said...

Oh, Deborah, you too???
It was just a crazy day.
But all is behind me now and I had a great weekend - thanks :)

Jean said...

Sometimes you just have to let the guy treat you. Hubby takes great joy in surprising me. Sometimes these surprises involve him not telling me the entire truth. (He doesn't lie, so I'm ok with it.) I've started to figure out some things, but he still slips on in on me -- like the driveway. Totally unexpected.

Melly said...

I know... it's the sweetest thing. Plus, they are so like boys we have to let them "surprise" us occasionally, don't we?

michaelm said...

The solid state stuff these days is garbage. To solidify the "tube" view, you need only to listen to some SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn).
I'm assuming he plays guitar?


melly said...

What is this guitar you speak of, Michael? ;)
Thanks, I'll try it out and let you know.