Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Last Stand

Yesterday was do or die for hubby!
You see, when I wanted to go see Serenity, he kept stalling and I only got to see it later, at home. This time, I told him, it would be dangerous for him if I didn't see X3 on a big screen.

So we went to a downtown mall last night, paid for parking, had a coffee and a rougie (that's what Canadians who cannot pronounce rougalach call it. And I was so excited that they had rougalach too. Usually it's only in Jewish delis/bakeries or in New-York that I find them).

But I'm digressing, so parking, coffee and rougie and up to the movie theatre. Sold Out!

I wanted to buy tickets for tomorrow but hubby started his stalling tactic again. Boy, when he doesn't want to see a movie...

Finally, when he saw this might be trouble he looked on the internet (on his crackberry) and found us another theatre, half an hour drive uptown. Suburbia land. Fine.

We got there. A cheap theatre, again inside a mall, but... the listing was wrong. No X3 was showing.

As I was walking the aisles of the dollar store (love dollar stores), hubby again went on the internet. After five minutes he called me. This time we drove outside Toronto, but this time we were successful.

A big Cineplex complex. Hate these. You know, with the arcade and the teens and it's all dirty and noisy and quite disgusting. Going to the movies used to be a civilized experience once. Now it's a vulgar scene.

Instead of watching the intended 7:30 show, we ended up seeing a 9:15 show. But we did and it was fun and that's what counts!

And the movie? What can I say? Not as good as the first two, but I had a good time!
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Trée said...

So how was the movie? :-D

Melly said...

Fun fun fun!

Nienke said...

All that trouble to see a movie... I'd say hubby deserves an award. Which way out of Toronto did you go? (Just wondering if you headed my way - Ajax - your description of the venue sounded familiar!!)

Nienke said...

No, no, I meant hubby deserves a REWARD. (and yes he paid me to post this)

Mike said...

I was so disappointed with the movie. It was nice and fun and all, but the commercials highlighted the angel dude. Then he shows up right away in the movie and then all they use him for is to save his dad at the end. Lame. I wonder how many of his scenes got cut in editing or if they plan on highlighting him more in a later movie.

The same spouse postponing thing happened to me when the first Matrix came out. I still can't believe I never got to see that on a big screen. These days I go by myself or with a friend to see the action movies that my wife hates.

Melly said...

Nienke, no, we went the other way, to Mississauga.
And as for hubby, do you mean he should get an award for stalling until now so that he has to drag me for two hours all around town and outside of it until we see the movie?
Guess so... ;)

Mike, yeah, I wish they did more with that guy. He was really cool.
As for seeing movies with friends, I can't because I don't like it when peopel talk and most of my friends tend to start discussing the movie while watching it! Impossible people I tell you!
So I'm stuck with him and he's stuck with me. We're pretty good usually accompanying each other though.

redchurch said...


I hate to pick on ya, (no, ok... it's sometimes kinda fun) - you have an awfully 'plottish' taste in movies. ;)

Which of course, is only a compliment coming from Mr. Plot Nazi!

Deborah said...

My husband wouldn't be caught dead seeing a chick flick or a horror movie with me. Now, Sci-Fi or a comedy are different stories.

So, on that basis, your hubby deserves a pat on the back. It sounds like you guys had a great time. :)

Melly said...

Eric, come now! You lurve picking on me! LOL!
Yeah, I love fun movies, but I also like "character" movies. Only these ones I don't need a big screen for :)

We did, Deborah. It was too funny really.
And yeah, he's behavin' but it's reciprocal, so there. I'm behavin' too. :)

redchurch said...


Aren't all movies 'character' movies?

Jennifer said...

I never get to see movies in theaters (not that there are a great many I want to see). I always try finding someone and someone is always finally I just decided going on my own wasn't too bad afterall.

Though I'm getting my dad to come with me this weekend to see Superman (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Superman). My dad's a Superman fan too, so it wasn't too hard to twist his arm!

Melly said...

Eric! Don't you start with me now! :)
All movies have characters in them, but that's as far as I'd go. LOL!

Oh, Superman. Lucky gal.
Actually, my friends and I have quite different taste in movies, so sometimes it's hard for me too and I have to use my spousal influence... :)

Fred Charles said...

I still have yet to see X3. I was going to go yesterday but a friend convinced me to see Superman Returns instead. I just posted a review of it.

Melly said...

It was definitely the weakest of the three, but if you go with no expectations and just to have fun - you will :)