Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Giving in to public pressure

The public, that is all three bloggy friends who keep 'complaining' about the lack of picture, has won!

There is a picture of me on the internet, but those interested will have to find it on their own.

If you wish, I'll give you hints, clues.
The first clue - it has to do with a previous occupation of mine. So if you search for my name and that word, you'll get ME!

Wow! I'm a little obnoxious here. Never mind. Forgive me. I'm tired and a bit frazzled :)



redchurch said...

Don't worry Mel. Most of us don't have that perfectly staged author photo you find on the back of slickly published books.

I wouldn't mind having one of those, but... I doubt I'd be able to take something of that quality myself, and at the moment I'm not very interested in trying.

But it's funny how much of a difference that seems to make for a lot of people. They just want to see who you are and what you look like, to put a face with the 'voice.'

I understand it, but... we're not all models, and perhaps a little self-conscious?

I'm going to try and put a photo somewhere on my blog, someday, IF I can find one that I'm happy with. Keyword: If.

But I'm sure folks are more interested in seeing you than in seeing me--Princess All Kinds of Writing! :)

You should feel flattered by such attention. Or perhaps creeped out, depending who is asking?

Melly said...

Oh, Eric, you do make me laugh :)
You put a smile on my face.

My goodness, I knew I was being obnoxious, but didn't expect Princess, LOL!

And are you kidding me? Mr Redchurch Quantum??? How much more intriguing can one get?

Nah, I had to put a picture on a different, ahem, "professional" financial blog, otherwise...

(That was clue #2)

rdl said...

You're gonna be difficult, are you? :D

Deborah said...

Nice picture. :) You are definitely more photogenic than I am, lol.

Melly said...

rdl, difficult's my middle name :)

Deborah! You couldn't have found it so quickly. Really?

Deborah said...

Yep. :) It's scary how efficient Google is.

rdl said...

Not fair, where is it, where is it!! stamping feel like 2 yr. old now. Ok i need a clue. what did you use to do?? and am i really googling Melly??

Deborah said...

Nah, I had to put a picture on a different, ahem, "professional" financial blog, otherwise...

I got it with her second clue. :)

Melly said...

Deborah, it is scary indeed.

rdl, here, I used to be a stock broker. :)

Nienke said...

Pretty close to the picture I had in my mind! Now, to post it on your site! It's nice to put a face to a personality, especially such a pretty one!

Melly said...

Thanks Nienke, you got a pretty one too :)

rdl said...

well i'd never make it in the FBI
stock broker melly does not work!
c'mon just post it or post the link or email. please,please,please.

Melly said...

Just for you rdl :)
All you need to do is click here moi

rdl said...

Lovely. not as i had pictured from yr. rock climbing picture, i pictured your hair darker. I actually think i did find it on my first try, but wasn't sure it was you. Now i will have to hound you for financial advice(i'm hopeless) as well as computer help.