Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Puzzle Game and Writing Fiction Based on Lyrics

Okay, so here's a puzzle for you I tried today - Orbox B. I'm stuck on level 12.

I also wrote a short story today following lyrics of a song I heard.

I remember reading once in one of the blogs I frequent about writing based on, or inspired by song lyrics (sorry, I can't remember who). Apparently, I'm not the only one who does this. I guess it's easy, or even more like a natural progression. The emotional load is already present, the skeleton and the premise are present as well. All that needs to be done is to dress it up. So I find that songs often inspire me into writing, although I'm not sure I write well while actually listening to music.

I also tend to mostly write short fiction when it's based on lyrics, but I once wrote a novella (I think 20,000 words is a novella, right?), each chapter beginning with a line of a song's chorus. Four chapters altogether.

All in all, I'm really proud of myself. I'm doing everything to get out of my rut/funk/tired self. I'm starting to feel the wheels grinding, the sharpening, the focusing...

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Anonymous said...

So what song did you base your story on?

I'm very inspired by music which is why I'm working a story about a band now.

Jack Slyde said...

Damn puzzles. I usually don't check these things out 'cos they suck me in. You wanna know how to do number 12?

Benjamin Solah said...

I wrote in a previous post about my return to a love of writing with music. But I write with music for the mood of the song, rather than the words.

Congrats on getting out of that rut. I seem to be spending more time in them and less time out.

Melly said...

Fred, sorry, but I cannot reveal my sources ;)
Perhaps I'm too embarrassed to admit it in public...
However, I can tell you that I once wrote something inspired by Radiohead's Creep.

Jack, yes please. Pretty please :)

Benjamin, yes, that's right, I remember that post. It was around the time you got your own computer, right?
It's exactly right, a song already has a mood, so why not use it?
As for getting out for ruts, I guess I do make myself very well to get out of them. It would have been easier otherwise to succumb to them - so I don't. I catch myself and do what needs to be done. But I wasn't always like that, it's something I always work on. Thanks :)

Jack Slyde said...

Lol! Close the bottom gate first, then come down on top of the bombs, blow them up, when you hit the last bomb quickly go through the second gate, then come down and around it (before the bomb explodes) and then you should be able to go down to the exit.

Make sense?

And if you can figure out number 15, please tell me. I've given up.

Melly said...

Jack, thanks. I haven't tried it yet, but oddly enough, it makes sense, which I'm not quite sure what it says about us... ;)