Friday, April 21, 2006

Working, Writing, Living Tired

Tired people should be outcast, rejected from society. Yes, it's true. Tired people are annoying, forgetful, unfocused, hard of hearing, hard of seeing and a myriad of other annoying traits (I believe I mentioned annoying twice, but then again, here's another annoying quality of tired people for you - repetition).

So here goes (and you can decide the worse thing):
    1) This morning I made a call oversees at 6:40 a.m. I was still in bed, but something had to be settled early (for me). It was but a two minute call.
    I went back to bed and woke up an hour and a half later by my cell ringing and someone shouting on the other side that I forgot to hang up the land-line phone.
    So granted, oversees call charges aren't what they used to be and an 80 minute call won't bankrupt me, but it is just that it is so unlike me.
    2) Last night I finally went to see V for Vendetta. I'll leave my opinion about the movie for some other time. However, at one of the most riveting moments in the movie, my cell rang. Yes, it's true. I was the culprit, guilty party, that evildoer, the one who forgot to turn off her cell despite never forgetting to do that.
    I cringed in my seat, waiting for the movie-cell-police to hunt me down and shoot me right there and I accepted my punishment calmly because I knew this is exactly what I would have done. But no police came and no laser guns and no pool of my blood left there for all to learn and fear...
    3) Yesterday I was asked to submit a certain part of my writing after a rewrite. This morning, when checking my email I found, to my horror, that I resent the old file. Okay, I rectified the matter immediately, but the embarrassment was unparalleled.
You're probably saying - well, get some sleep, duh!
But it's a different kind of tired. A kind unrelated to sleep.

I guess this is also in way of apology for my lack of regular posting lately.

I hope for a new Melly after the weekend, because quite frankly, I find it hard to live with her.
In the meantime, I'm going to exclude my tired self from society (or until I feel less tired).

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Anonymous said...

I thought that V for Vendetta was good. The only problem that I had with the movie was that the bad guys were so over the top, that it was hard to take them serious.

Now turn off your cell phone and get some zzzzzz.

Jennifer said...

I sympathize with you. I know what 'tired' is too.

That deep down tired that sleep doesn't solve...

It's the 'doing too much' tired that is only sloved by slowing down.

Go slow down :D And rest.

Bryan D. Catherman said...

Being that kind of tired sucks, it really sucks. If I learned anything in Iraq, where I was that kind of tired all the time, it's that you have to turn that into something you can use. Anger. Depression. Apathy. Something. If you're writing, try to turn it into motivation you can use. Write and develop a few characters you for a future time. If you create them now, they will be very different from the characters you develop when you well rested and happy.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. This kind of tiredness can be horrible and it is nearly impossible to describe.

Melly said...

Fred, I tend to agree about V. What I liked most about it (other than Natalie of course) was that I found it different. And in this instance I liked it.
And thanks, I'm actually taking it easy today and am trying to mostly have fun when I'm surfing :)

Jennifer! Exactly! You totally got me. How did you manage to put it so well???

Bryan, that's a really good idea about the characters, but as for getting angry or depressed, I think I'd rather not :) Actually, I think I am far more irritable, jumpy and short at the moment, so I do tend to get angrier. I don't like it one bit...

Thanks T L Reynolds. Sometimes understanding is all a person needs :)

Jean said...

"Tired people are..."

But are they smart?

As for "Tired people should be outcast, rejected from society.", I thought they already were. That was covered in Chapter 4, paragraph 6 of....

But seriously, what you've described is a very trying kind of tired. It emanates from the soul and sucks the energy and will out of you. I hope you're able to achieve rejuvenation soon.

Melly said...

Oh, Jean, tired people feel extremely stupid, perhaps they even are :)

And thanks, I already feel much better. Feels like I filled about half a tank already ;)

Anonymous said...

You probably know that V For Vendetta was based on a limited run comic book by the same name. I read the original series when it was released. It's strange how the story, in it's comic book form, did not seem over the top, but it took on that quality when it was translated to film. It was still a very compelling movie and Natalie Portman was fantastic.

Melly said...

No, I actually had no idea it was a comic book. It's the one thing I never got into so I know nothing about it.
Compelling is a good word to describe the movie. Indeed

Deborah said...

. . .tired people feel extremely stupid, perhaps they even are

Yes on both counts. Exhaustion diminishes your ability to think and reason. It can cause depression and, in some cases, psychosis or paranoia.

As for your comment about how tired people should be rejected from society, they are to a lesser or greater extent. It depends upon the mistakes they make that determine that extent.

I can totally relate to what you've been experiencing lately. Get plenty of rest. :)

rdl said...

oh melly we like you just the way you are. maybe just take a bubblebath and sip some wine, read a good book, whatever. But that said, I know just what you mean. :D

Melly said...

Deborah, thanks, I did and I think I'm past it :)
Yay me!

rdl, why thank you. I assure you, sipping some wine is always part of my plan :)