Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm a real boring person

Courtesy of Weird Cake, here is the results of my Seven Deadly Sin Quiz:
Seriously, I ask you, how much more boring can I be??? Everything's medium...








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Cavan said...

Apparently I have some pretty serious sloth issues. I've got a bit of a greed problem, too, but aside from that it's smooth sailing.

Melly said...

I'd take sloth, or greed, or something. At least you've got some colour, some interesting thing about you. Me? Nothing. Bland, tasteless!

Some greed is probably a good quality to have. It helps with achieving goals I think maybe...

Deborah said...

I scored high in the greed category, followed by sloth. The lowest were lust and envy.

rdl said...

medium is better than my high sloth score!

Ryan Oakley said...

I'm postivly spicy. I got medium on Greed and Gluttony, Very High on Wrath and High on everything else. Jesus Melly, your quizes always make me feel like a trainwreck.

Melly said...

Deborah, that's pretty good. But I always knew you to be good :)

rdl, you sloth! :) :)

Ryan, sure! I expected nothing else from you. You're one of the most interesting people I know (if nothing else then at least in the life you choose to lead).
But oh boy, I didn't mean to make you feel like a trainwreck. Next time I'll post a warning note :)

Pat Kirby said...

Greed: Medium
Gluttony: Medium
Wrath: Very High
Sloth: High
Envy: Medium
Lust: Medium
Pride: Medium

I'm boring medium except for wrath, as my idiot neighbors found out recently. When mad, I let fly, full steam ahead, damn the consequences.

Sloth...well...not surprising either.

Melly said...

Beware of the wrath of Pat, that's what I always say :)
Sloth, I never pictured you as such, but I guess I think more of your writing and cleaning the dogs :)

Jennifer said...

Okay, I don't think this test is right. I answered everything truthfully and this is what I get:

Greed: Very Low
Gluttony: Low
Wrath: Very Low
Sloth: Low
Envy: Very Low
Lust: Very Low
Pride: Very Low

Seriously I'm NOT that good. Hum.....

Zoe said...

Hmm, apparently I have a pride problem :) That one was my highest. My lowest was Lust.

Melly said...

Jennifer! Impossible!!
No one can be that good.
I guess that no one but you :)
And you know what? It isn't surprising.

Zoe, pride is a good thing to have, can get you places I think, no?