Saturday, April 08, 2006

Authors, Small Press Center and Misc Items

First, let me refer you all to Cavan's new blog site where he continued our conversation regarding author's gender and race, concentrating mainly on the what most of us said - that we don't care about the authors and their background, only their writing. Cavan lists a few very good points in favour of knowing authors' background and I must say that now that he said a few things I'm more curious. Here's the post.

Second, I received an email from Small Press Center announcing that
The Small Press Center would like to announce our lecture series Emerging Voices to your organization. This series is highlighting writers published by groundbreaking independent presses. We kicked off our series with acclaimed author Lee Stringer, and we now continue it with Akahsic Books, famed indipublishingng company.
Akashic Books, a Brooklyn-based independent publishing house works to highlight quality writers who have been either ignored by the mainstream or are put off by the monolithic nature of major publishing houses.
If you live around the NYC area check it out. More info here on their site.

Religious Flavoured Items:
- "Gospel of Judas" gives new view of Jesus' betrayer
- Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says
- A proof of angels and demonsÂ… - Could bad angels be responsible for diseases such as AIDS and Ebola?

- Licensed to Kill: Some Doctors are Real Naturals
- Bio-engineered bladders successful in patients

- Chaos=Order: Physicists make baffling discovery
- Professor Predicts Human Time Travel This Century

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redchurch said...

On that Chaos=Order story...

It always amuses me the lack of inter-disciplinary study going on in the pro science world. Chaos inducing order and vice versa may be a novel concept in the physics world, but it's not at all in a relatively new field dubbed 'complexity studies' or 'networked complexy.'

There's a book called Sync which you might enjoy. It explains exactly that phenomenon. There is another great book called Six Degrees which explains the 'small world' phenomenon in a similar fashion.

It's one of my favorite areas of study, and extremely important in the game industry because we rely on what's known as 'emergence' - seemingly complex behaviors/features emerging from a simple set of objects or rules that interact.

I hope that in the next twenty years, complexity studies will be widely known and their terminology entered into the mainstream populus, because this is essentially the foundation of the universe--everything is connected.

Melly said...

Thanks Eric. I learnt something :)