Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Welcoming a Few Blogs

Lately I've noticed a few more bloggers around (doesn't mean they haven't been around, only that I was a bit slow):

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Nienke said...

Hey, that's me! Thanks Melly!
On my way to check out the others...

Melly said...

Hi Nienke, it sure is!
Good, let me know how the party's going :)

Jonathan M. Dobson said...

Thanks for the push. I really like All Kinds of Writing. I am in the process of going through all off your posts. Good times with cocoa.

Melly said...

No problemo ;)
I guess you can call this my reply to your email :)

You're really reading all of them? Oh, my. Blush.

Therese Walsh said...

Thanks for the welcome!
co-brain of Writer Unboxed

Melly said...

You're most welcome.
Pun intended ;)